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    Default CN pictures taken by photographer

    We had our picture taken by the photographer one night at dinner. I forgot to purchase them before we left. Is there anyway to still get them now? I am sure we can't but I just thought I would ask.

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    When we were looking at the photos I saw that they had months worth saved at CSA. I assume CN is the same.

    This happened to us on our first trip too. It would be great if they could come up with an online ordering system so people could buy and download the files when they get home. I am sure a lot of people forget.

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    We did the same thing and what we ended up doing was emailing the resort photo shop manager, her name is Yvonne and her email is we included a picture of us and the dates we were there.

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    Yes, we had 120 pictures taken on an hour outing with the photographer. We purchased 10 before we left... then a month after we got home we dieceded we wanted to look at the rest again.. they sent them all to us but with the watermark on them. They said we could still purchase them and to just let us know which ones we wanted.
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