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    My name is Steven and this is our first post to the Couples Family message board!
    Me and my finace' are getting married in May and taking our 6 night honeymoon to CSA!!

    We are very excited and have researched so many different places and kept going back here! I have read many reviews on what to do and what to eat, etc..

    Any advice on things to do outside the resort? Seeing the city? hiking? Etc.. I know with all the excursions and things to do at CSA will keep us very busy, but if anyone has any previous experiences from outside activities please let us know!

    Look forward to speaking with everyone at Couples!


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    You should go to Rick's cafe. Sure, it's touristy, but it's worth going to.
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    Hi Steven,

    My husband and I will be going in April. Our first trip as well. Congratulations!!!! We will be celebrating our 10 yr. and re-newing our vows while there. I have asked the same question..... What to do outside of the resort. There are a lot of posts regarding this. I have read and researched a bit myself and this is on our top of the list to do.....

    Pelican Bar
    Rick's Cafe
    Shopping (with a private driver)
    YS Falls

    I have heard that from CSA Dunn River is way to far. There were also a few posts regarding the Appleton Rum Factory. As far as the Pelican Bar, they say to find other people to go with because you have to hire a boat...

    good luck and just remember to enjoy what ever you do.


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    I'd suggest Mayfield Falls or YSFalls for a day trip. Either of these can be bundled with other attractions in that general area of the island for a full day trip... or not... you can be back fairly early from either of them.

    Also, the World Famous 7-Mile Beach beckons in both directions...


    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    The two things I would suggest is the Canopy Tour which is ziplining through the forest. It is really a great excursion. We also suggest parasailing. It's is usually $50-$60 a person but no doubt worth the money. We do it every time we go and we are never disappointed. We always go with Capt Quality. He will be roaming the beach daily and will have a yellow shirt and hat on. Those are the only outside excursions we do. But being so busy remember to take some time to relax and take it all in! You will love CSA!

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    Steven.....welcome to the message board and congratulations on your upcoming marriage!!! I wish I would give you advice on things to do outside the resort, but both the times we've been we haven't really left the resort. We can't seem to get our butts out of the sand and off the beach. This trip I think we are going to try ziplining though. :O) We did go parasailing on our first trip, and it was great fun! Way cheaper than here in the States. Elvis hooked it up for us. I know you don't know Elvis yet, but you will! LOL :O)

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    The only thing we paid for was parasailing through Elvis. I had read about him for a while but didn't know who he was or who he worked for. Our first minute on the beach he picked us out as new people and came over to us. We told him we wanted to do it later in the week so we went a few days later. It was a lot of fun and got to see some cool stuff up there. He just told us to pay him whenever. Very nice guy who can hook you up with aNYTHInG. Have fun. You won't want to leave the resort though.

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    Hello. We did the zip and LOVED IT! The ride was kindof long but was worth it, only thing is it does waste a day in the water. We also did Ricks cafe and I think you should go at least ONCE to experience it. We are going back for our wedding June 1st and will probably do Ricks again but THAT IS IT. The water and resort is enough to keep you busy.

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    Welcome and congratulations. We went a list of things we would like to do....... other then walking down the beach and parasailing ( Elvis took good care of us.) we did nothing and loved every second of it. Maybe in 113 days we will try something.

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    I've heard that Dolphin Cove has opened up a resort near Negril and when we go to CSA in May - I would really like to go and swim with them!

    We arrive on 30th April, get married on the beach on 5th May and depart on 14th May. Only 10 weeks to go this Saturday!

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    Ire Mon
    A nice short side trip is to do the horse back ride. Our guides took us to the top of a local hilltop and then to the ocean where we rode the horses while swimming. We left the resort @ 8am in a cab - short 15 min ride enjoyed the horse ride and were back to CSA early afternoon for some splash time. -- Zip ride thru the canopy was a gas but it ate up most of the day because it was down by Mobay.

    If all else fails walk up the beach to Margrettaville, go past it - a long stones throw and meet Abdul Mason -- the best carver in Negril -- Tell him Turk from Alabama sent ya.

    Don't worry about going off the resort during the day, granted the hustlers will offer you everything under the sun -- but just tell them "No thank you mon, Respect you mon" and continue your walk. Stop at a beach bar and keep on smiling !!!!

    Ya Mon we get to CSA Mar 25-30 and can't wait --- just a few more sleeps & we be in the Jam.

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    Thanks everyone for your posts! I am very excited and going to talk with Megan about all of yall's suggestions!! THANKS agagin!!!!

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    We did the zip line tour, it was fun. You dont want to spend too much time off the resort as there is a lot to do and see there for free. We walked down to Margaritaville, it wasn't as nice as the the one in Ocho but its still a nice walk down the beach. Make sure you do the catamaran trip that was a blast.

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