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    Default Price Adjustment?

    My husband and I are traveling to CTI for the first time this May. When I first booked the trip through the Couples website I thought I remembered seeing something about honoring price adjustments if lower rates are offered after your booking? Is this true? Today's Wednesday special is offering an extra 10% off of the rate we booked at.

    Thanks, Very excited for our first trip to CTI and Jamaica!

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    As long as you are within the window where you are allowed to cancel with no penalty you can rebook at the lower rate. Just give them a call. If you are less than 46 days away from traveling there is a fee for cancellation but you might still save money.

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    You will need written proof (such as in the form of a quote) that you can forward onto Couples before they will match the price.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    I just got home about a half hour ago and tried to call Couples to get a price adjustment. However, it was past their office hours which are till 6pm EST, I am in MST. I did book another trip online for the same exact days in an Atrium room. I will have to call and cancel the first trip in the near future.

    Couples should staff the phones for a longer period of time on Wednesdays for situations such as this one IMHO.

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    Just an update, I was able to call Couple 800 number yesterday and they made the adjustment for me. I just had to send them an email with all the details. Thanks! 72 more days!

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