My hubby & I, and another couple, are heading to CSS on Saturday. We booked more than a year ago and can't wait!!! We've been obsessively reading the message board for awhile now, and have a few last minute questions I was hoping someone could help us out with:

1. Are we able to order alcohol through room service? And if so, are there any restrictions? Ie: if we wanted to order a bottle of champagne or wine, would that be a problem?

2. My hubby & I have previously stayed at CSA & CN and LOVED the beach bonfire nights. Does CSS do this?

3. Does CSS offer daily snorkel trips like CSA & CN does? If so, do they go every day? And what is the snorkeling like right infront of the hotel? We usually bring out own snorkel gear with us, so hoping we'll get to use it.

5. For lobster night, is there a restaurant that you particularly loved? Or are all the restaurants fairly equal in your mind?

6. We won't arrive at the resort until close to 7pm on Sat. Will there be a restaurant we can eat at that night, without a reservation? Or will we need to order room service or eat at the grill?

Thanks so much to anyone who can help!!