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    Default CSA Spinning Classes

    I thought I'd read at one time that spinning classes were offered at CSA, but when I checked the activities schedule, spinning isn't listed.

    Does anyone know if it's offered??

    And, is there a early morning yoga class or are they all in the late afternoon?


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    Yes, there are spin classes at CSA. When we were there in November they were offered at (I think) 9:30 and 5:00ish. Those times were unfortunately not in synch with our schedules. I did peek into the spin room and the bikes (from far away) looked decent. The spin instructor when we were there looked like he could REALLY give you a workout!!!

    there were also yoga and pilates classes, but I think they were offered at "off" hours for us.

    We love to exercise really early - I wish they'd plan on a spin class at 6:00 or even 7:00AM....

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    Thanks gonegril!

    I agree that a 7am class would be preferable for spinning- it's such an intense workout, the earlier, the better...I'd love to get a good workout in and have time to shower and then go for a decent breakfast...the 9:30am class means no food until lunch...mmmm...unless I remember hearing that there may be a smoothie bar at the fitness centre? Is it open that early? ie: 10-10:30am?

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    The spin bikes are great, and are in good condition, I used them them last time I was there and they do have clips, so if you are an avid spinner, you can bring your spin shoes.

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    There is a smoothie bar at the fitness center, I can't recall exactly what time it opens but I'm sure it would be open by 10:30. There is always something open so you can get something to eat, you wouldn't have to wait until lunch.

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    When we were there, just a couple of weeks ago, spinning is offered, but not until 9 am. Yoga/pilates is offered at 10 and 4 pm. I agree with the above post, earlier classes would be more conducive to the "fit pro", than later classes. I say put your comment cards in and see if this could perhaps be changed. I too am an avid workout person, and offering earlier morning classes would have more participants than later. Just my 2 cents.

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    That's a great suggestion, to write the request on the comments cards. If they had a earlier spin class at 7am or 8am I would definitely attend.

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    A 7am class is a great idea.

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    Yes, yes, yes... would much prefer to see classes earlier in the morning -- 7am would be ideal.

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    Don't forget to post your comments on the comment cards, otherwise most likely the classes will stay where they are!! Just sayin

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    Someone mentioned that the reason they don't start most things until later in the morning is that not everyone is from that time zone. Depending on the time of year, a 7am class would be 4am for people from the west coast. The guests are typically from Western Europe and the US or Canada so they try to keep it in the middle. It sure can't hurt to ask though. They can't know what the people want until someone tells them.

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    Are spin classes still offered at CSA? The activities schedule doesn't say.

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