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    Default Perks for recommending Couples?

    I don't think there are but I thought I would ask....are there any perks for recommending people to Couples? We recently recommended Couples to some friends who booked at CSS. I was curious if there were any perks for them or us

    If there aren't currently any perks, it would be nice if they would implement something in RR 2.0 like getting the number of nights they stay for their first stay added to your RR account as well as theirs. Just an idea


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    The RR program before the current one did have perks for recommending Couples to friends and family, but I think it was a logistical nightmare and they did away with it.
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    Currently, I'm not aware of any... there was at one time, though, as I recall. At the moment, I think the only referal reward is free concurrent stay for a leading couple (such as a bridal couple) bringing 10 or more accompanying couples.

    Of course, I've not been around lately...

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    This has been brought up before, and I think it's a great idea!

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    I have personally recommended several people to CSA in particular and I think 4 different couples have been because of that. We showed our honeymoon pictures to some friends who were getting married and they booked their honeymoon there recently. It's not a hard sell at all. I always tell people to do their own research, pick a place they think looks great amd if it isn't Couples, let me explain why it should be.

    There is a TA in town who loves CSA and I send everyone to her because she pushes it bigtime. I bet she actually does get perks though.

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    When they first started the Romance Rewards program they did, indeed, have a reward for recommending other couples to Couples. As another poster said, it was a logistical nightmare, and they did away with this perk. I would not look for a lot of new perks at this time considering that Couples is running near 100% occupancy at all their resorts. The fact that the early booking resort credit for 2012 has gone from $500 to $300 is probably a good indication that they are not going to be adding a lot of new perks. I just want to add that I think it's fabulous that we get ANY resort credit, so I am very happy with any amount that they give us.

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    The "perk" is seeing the smiles on the faces of friends and family when they take your advice and visit Couples...once you go, you know!

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