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    Default Couples Recipe Book

    I think that everyone would agree that the meals served at Couples are outstanding!
    I was thinking that if Couples published a cookbook of some of the recipes that the talented chefs prepare at each resort - I for one would definately purchase it at the Gift Shop!
    Each resort could compile their chef's special recipes all in one book.
    This way, we won't have to wait an entire year to taste our favourite the deconstructed beef wellington!
    Maybe the resorts could also add some of the most requested bar recipes.
    All in favour say Aye!

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    I am definitely in favor of this!!

    We did a Jamaica theme party for my bday this year and I searched the message board for hours trying to find all the recipes that Couples has given out.

    Please put these into a book!!

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    I would buy one or two.

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    The recipe book is a FABULOUS idea. My husband and I were just talking about how much we loved the grilled lamb chops and the pumpkin soup. We've already booked our return trip to CN and are so excited!

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    ...and Couples comes through yet again.... well sort of...

    If its cooking you enjoy, and want to try to find and prepare all of those wonderful ingredients, see the Couples quarterly newsletter here on the website...look over to the right side of this page and click on "Read Latest Newsletter"... there (and in the archives) you will find plenty of opportunities!


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    Years ago, Couples announced plans to produce a cookbook, but the plan was shelved (temporarily?) when Stefan Spath became busy revamping the culinary program at CTI after its renovation.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Thanks for the tip on the newletter. Hopefully Couples will consider producing a cookbook - I know it would definately sell quickly...they could even add it to the Couples Reward Gifts.

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    I would purchase one in a heartbeat! After coming home from CSA last year I attempted, and failed, at making the wonderful dip from Sea Grapes. I can't wait to get to CTI so I can dig into their version. 23 more days!!

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    I agree. We just returned from our first trip yesterday. After eating at Feathers, everything else in the States just tastes like a Spam sandwich. I am ruined for life.

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