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    Hi there, We are heading to CSS on February 28th and have been reading a lot of helpful information on this site. It is our first trip to Jamaica and have been reading that the average age is around 55+. We are in our late 30's and was just wondering if we will be the minority??? Thanks

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    My husband and I are headed to CSS on March 3rd....we're in our late 20's and early 30's. We are first timers to Jamaica and to Couples so I was kind of curious about the average age as well.

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    I don't know where you read that, but in our experiences at CSS, CN and CTI the average age is not 55. There seems to be a pretty even mix from 20 to 70.
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    Where did you read 55+? . I saw people in their. 20's. -60's. I would say the average at any couples resort is about 35-50ish

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    You will be fine. Everyone mixes so well that you don't notice age. CSS is one of our favorites. You will have a wonderful time.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    I believe it depends when you go. We went around Christmas and there was a broad range of ages. The average age might have been around 50, but there were plenty of people below 40. I am 40 and never felt like I was at an AARP convention. I did make some great friends over 60. They were more fun than some of the 30 year olds I met. I understand the average age at the AN beach is over 65, but I never went there.

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    im getting nervous that it will seem like we're at an AARP convention also. my husband and I are 25-30. we like mature company but want to go to Dunn's River falls with a spry crew, leavin the hover rounds at home.

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    That's great, thanks...I have been reading on trip advisor and the past few reviews are stating that the average age is 55+...I do agree that all ranges can be fun but just curious after reading those reviews...We are VERY excited for our first trip and the weather forcast for Halifax is snow on the day we leave so please cross your fingers )

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    55 plus seems high to me. We have been twice in August. My husband is in his 50's and I am in my 30's. I would say the people there are much closer to my age than my husbands. There was a lot of people much longer than me there.

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    Im in my 30's my wife is in her 20's. There is a good mix of ages, its not all old people by any means. As for Dunn's River its not the age its the weight. Everyone has to join hands and help each other up the falls. Im in good shape and I had my wife in front of me, but I had to drag this 400 pound woman up the falls. Everytime I tried to switch positions, I would end up with another 400 pounder to drag up. Trust me the resort is so wonderful you wont even notice most of the other guests.

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    B & L is right... you won't notice age and besides age is a number... it's not indicative of the person's personality and energy level. We had some at Dunns River who were in their upper 70's and went up terrific and had a great time... where there was a couple in their 20's who huffed and puffed and whined the whole time about how hard it was. I'd take the 70 year old couple anytime.

    So I guess what I'm trying to say is that to not give a 2nd thought to what ages anyone is... you'll find people to hang out with who vibe with you, as there are ALL TYPES there and that is the fun part... the vibe of people, not their age.

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    Hi. We recently returned from CSS where we met some wonderful people of all ages. I don't think any particular age group was dominate. As the others have said, age doesn't matter. Attitudes do.

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    You do see an older crowd at the ai's because a lot of the younger crowd are still raising a family and cannot spend $3k+ on vacation, but.... they end up spending more going somewhere and paying $200 a night for a room that does not include meals or drinks or entertainment

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    Not an issue...enjoy!

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    CaperGirl...have fun...I dont' think it's giving that bad a weather report...We leave a week from some rum for us!!! Enjoy!!

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    My husband and I will be heading back to CSS for our 2nd time in April, and we are in our 30s. When we went last year, there were couples ranging from 20 - 60. No problem mon.

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