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    Default Ever been struck by lightning?

    Me either… This experience is far more bizarre...

    So, pull up a palapa and pour yourself some Appleton Rum. This story goes back a couple months to November. My wife and I were staying at Couples San Souci for the second time. We had only been there a couple of days and were stoked to attend the “Repeater’s Dinner” that we had heard so many good things about.
    When Thursday evening came, we dressed in our finest (that we took anyway) clothes and off we went. There were about eight tables in the Heliconia Suite. We got there just in time to sit with one other repeating couple, Carla (the new CSS Wedding Coordinator), and Miquel our favorite entertainment guy. Dinner was outstanding, as always, and the company was the best we could ask for. Pierre (GM) and Kyle were there, as were many other staff members whom we had come to know.

    We finished our scrumptious dinner and had just received an awesome dessert that I was salivating at the thought of digging into… Then, I feel something like a light dust or something falling on me. I look down at my forearms and see what looks to be dirt or dust or something I couldn’t identify. So I’m thinking what the heck?? I figured someone was standing behind my chair or something and dropping or spilling whatever they were carrying. At about that time my wife starts to notice it on her too and looks to Miguel and I, figuring that we were screwing around and got something on her.

    At that moment, I look straight up to see what is going on and I see a white flash in front of my face and feel something about the size of a football drop into my lap. Dead weight… About now, I’m realizing that half of a ceiling tile had fallen apart and dropped all over our table and that “something” had landed in my lap! So I’m lifting the table linen looking under our table to try and figure out what just dropped on me. As I’m searching, I notice a ruckus in the center of the room and see people starting to stand up to check it out. I stood up just in time to see one terrified little white cat scrambling out the outer door.
    Within seconds of this, Pierre and other staff were at our table checking on our well being and immediately readied another table for all of us at that table. Frankly, the entire thing happened within about 10 seconds and we didn’t even have time to react before staff were making sure we were OK and taken care of.

    Pierre and Kyle (Operations Manager) were Johnny-on-the-Spot and could not have possibly taken better care of us that night or for the remainder of our stay. They said they would make it up to us and believe me – they did. Thank you Pierre, Kyle, and everyone else who found themselves involved in the great “Cat Incident” of 2010.

    So, I’ve learned three standout things from this experience…
    1. There are no limits to which the CSS folks won’t go to make one’s stay amazing, even when cats unexpectedly fall out of the sky.
    2. When there is a late season hurricane (Tomas), all the animals including the little feral cats will seek shelter wherever they can find a dry place (even if it means hiding out on ceiling tiles).
    3. As one older fellow told me shortly after this happened, “I’ve been praying for “feline” to fall out of the sky onto my lap for 50 years, and you just had it happen…”

    Indeed, we’ve already made reservations for this November 2011. This time I might consider bringing my old baseball cup, just in case…


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    LOL! What a story!!

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    Meow-mon!!!! Pricless experience and story PacificNWCpl. This surely brought a smile to my face today, and I needed that! Thank you for sharing w/us! Razzl

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    I bet the cat landed on it feet...running!!!!

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    Default Cat story is hysterical


    That story is hysterical! I can just visualize the entire scenario. Nice story - very well told.

    We fed that little white kitty bacon for breakfast every day in December. So, it's probably even heavier now!

    Thanks for sharing,


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    LMAO, Marc! Especially your #3 - OMG, LOL!

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    Great story. We have seen the cats (with some babies as well - my wife loves them) many times at SS, the population appears just right for SS. None of them are fat cats. Never saw them in the ceiling!

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    Default Thanks B-Mon!

    Thanks for the kind comments. Looks like we'll be at CSS the same time you will, B-Mon. Be sure to add yourself to the "November 2011" thread in the "Meet-Up at Couples" Sans Souci section of the board. See you in about eight months.

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    Crazy! Love the staff at CSS.

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    We were at CSS at the same time, sitting at the next table over. Pierre was out of his seat in a flash!LOL (We were lucky enough to be seated at his table) Poor kitty.

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