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    Default SCUBA diving question

    I am bringing my own diving gear to CSS when we are there 3/6 - 3/12. Once thing I am trying to decide on is whether to bring a wetsuit. I am estimating the water temperature to be int he 75F - 80F range when we are there, so I will probably be ok with a 2-3mm shorty.

    Are shortys part what's included in the diving or do those cost extra to rent? If they cost extra, I will most likely bring my own if I have weight left in the suitcase.

    Thanks in advance,


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    They are available to rent - personally I dive in a dive skin and DH goes in his trunks and a dive shirt.


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    Chris when I dove in April last year all I needed was a shorty 3mm suit but in Nov I could have used a full suit. There is a charge for the wetsuit. They charge you for the week and I think it was around $20 but I'm not sure. I would definately bring yours.

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    DOn't know about CSS but when we were at CN, wetsuits were $10/day or $30/week.

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    When my husband dove in CSA at the end of May/June last year he brought his own shorty and it was fine. I would suggest bringing yours (its always nice to have your own!) but if you find it to be a little chilly at depth you can always get a full suit from the dive shack. I'm pretty sure they don't charge extra for that.

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    Thanks to everyone who posted, it confirmed what I was thinking of doing. I will be purchasing a 2.5 - 3mm shorty before we leave. ;-)

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    We both used the rentals, hubby got his open water while there and I tagged along, they did not end up charging me for the rentals, but said it was 10/day, it is free if you take a course.

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