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    I love this message board! It is such a great way to put an upcoming bride's mind at ease!

    Hello all! My fiance and I will be spending a week in May, for the first time at CSA, on our honeymoon!

    I spoke with my travel agent today and he told me that I was out of luck for the beachfront rooms but after doing some research I am being drawn to the atrium suites more and more. The only other rooms available are the garden veranda and great house jacuzzi suites. I am thinking the garden one is maybe too close to the road and the great house is too "hotel" like for us. I have read some great reviews on the atrium suite so I hope I am making the right decision. Either way, I can't wait for May 15th!!

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    Many people love, love, love the Atriums. So much so that when the room rates for the new year came out, the Atriums went from the least expensive room up two spots. We've never stayed in them, but all the rooms at CSA looked nice (our opinion). No matter what room you book, you will love, love, love CSA.

    Keep in mind that the Atrium rooms do NOT have televisions. That's a deal breaker for some people.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    What??? no TV???

    That IS a deal breaker! Sheesh!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    No TV...sounds like an opportunity to tune into the special person you're sharing your visit to CSA with. No deal breaker here...

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    Not having a TV is a wonderful thing and is made up by having your very own hammock
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    We stayed in the Atrium suite last year at CSA. We loved it, could care less about the TV, the only wierd thing is with the blinds open you can see straight into the next room. Of course we would love any room at any couples, because they all have the same king bed and thats really all you need. Who hangs out in their room when your in Jamacia?, and the best view of the beach is while standing on the beach. If you must have TV go to the sports bar drink some Guiness and watch TV!

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    Atriums are our favorite as well. We would much rather not have a TV. When we go, we don't use the internet or a TV for the entire time. We are really out of touch with the rest of the world, and we love it! We get to just focus on one and other. :O)

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    Back in 2009 we upgraded our room to an Ocean View and NO TV. It just made the vacation even better. We went across the street once to see if a game was on. You will never even miss the TV!

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    The garden verandahs are still nice and being close to the road didn't bother us. There is a fence there and no issues.

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    I can't wait to have no tv for a whole week!!!

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