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    Default You won't believe this.........

    We live just north of Houston, Texas. Fortuneately, we can fly Continental airlines non-stop from George Bush International to MoBay and then non-stop back home. Last year, the R/T tickets ran about $480 a piece. This year, when I first checked they were about $500. In my infinite wisdom, I decided to wait to see if they might come down a little (this process started last August). They did not, in fact, they went to $918 per person. Looking around today, I discovered that if we stay one more day with Couples, I can get the R/T airfare for $520.

    Let's see, if I stay one more day in paradise and spend another $350 with Couples, I can save about $800 in airfare. Wouldn't it be great if all our decisions in life were this difficult!!!!!

    Just over 100 days left........counting them down as quick as I can!!!!

    One Love,
    Peace, Love, and Respect
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    Wow! That's the price of a "normal" first class ticket!

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    I know jealousy is a sin...I'm just gonna have to beg forgiveness cuz I'm sooo jealous!

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    Billy, I can't even be jealous. I'm happy you & Audra get to stay an extra day! If we can't be there (and you know we can't) you might as well get the maximum enjoyment out of it!!

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    Billy, I live in the Houston area and booked our April CSA trip through Continental from IAH as well. I'm surprised at the the flight prices you mentioned considering you started looking last year in August. I booked two RT tickets in November for a total of $756 ($378 each). But, I'm glad you got everything worked out and are able to stay another day at Couples!

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    Schweet! Wish we could stay longer...tho I get what I can get these days w/ the 6-year-old staying w/ grandma &

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    Default what contintal site u looking at

    i just went on continental and saw the flight for 6/4 - 6/11 for $520 a piece for non stop service from Bush to Montego Bay

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