We live just north of Houston, Texas. Fortuneately, we can fly Continental airlines non-stop from George Bush International to MoBay and then non-stop back home. Last year, the R/T tickets ran about $480 a piece. This year, when I first checked they were about $500. In my infinite wisdom, I decided to wait to see if they might come down a little (this process started last August). They did not, in fact, they went to $918 per person. Looking around today, I discovered that if we stay one more day with Couples, I can get the R/T airfare for $520.

Let's see, if I stay one more day in paradise and spend another $350 with Couples, I can save about $800 in airfare. Wouldn't it be great if all our decisions in life were this difficult!!!!!

Just over 100 days left........counting them down as quick as I can!!!!

One Love,