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    Default Horseback riding at CTI

    Has anyone done the horseback riding at CTI? Do you get to ride them on the beach or in the water?

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    Hi there,

    The Horse Riding is a Plantation ride - if you are asking about the 'free' horse riding. It's well worth it and we have done it both at Tower Isle and when we stayed as CSS. Will do it again when we go back to TI next year!

    For some reason, both times we have gone, it did not seem very busy and it was only our party of 4, which we rather enjoyed.

    One word of warning - the riding helmets REEK of othere people's 'sweat', so suggest you take either a bandana, or do what I did - kept my baseball hat on and put the helmet on top.....but then again, I am very fussy!!!

    You can do beach riding, but it's extra.

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    That stinks. We have horses so I doubt we do it. We just thought it would be cool to ride on the beach. That's not something we get to do in Oklahoma!

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    The 8 am horseback riding at CTI was along the white river and then up a mountain / big hill. What made it nice was learning about the vegetation and some history of Jamaica and all the jokes by the guides.

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    You CAN ride on the beach through a tour company. The resort can set it up for you. I know many people have done it. It is extra though.

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