I decided to transfer the message from the previous message board to the new one. See below original message and my follow up to the many responses. Would like some room info or additional comments...Thanks for the help!
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My fiance and I are in the process of booking our honeymoon for November 09 and really like what we have heard so far about Negril. Sounds like it has the best beaches in Jamaica. Now the hard part is where should we stay, CN or CSA? The reviews on both resorts are great but just wondering if one sticks out more than the other as far as a honeymoon experience. We look forward to hearing your comments....Thanks!
Follow up Message:

Thanks everyone for the feedback! It has been very helpful.

We are leaning towards CSA but will make the final decision sometime this weekend. We like what we hear about both resorts but it sounds like CSA is bigger and we are used to the Mexico type size resorts so figure we should go with the bigger resort.

Now the anyone have some good input on rooms? I think the Atrium Suites are not an option for us. We like the mini bar option and although it is our honeymoon we like the option of watching TV. We both love to keep up to date on current events and you never know when a sunburn is going to keep you indoors for the day. Now the other room options we are wanting some input on. Couples list the Garden, Greathouse, Ocean and Beachfront Verandah Suites as room options. What are the main differences between them? If it is just location is the beachfront vs the garden worth the extra money or is the view obstructed on the beachfront? Lastly Couples list the Beachfront Suites and Great House Jacuzzi Suites. What are the main differences between these and the Verandah Suites.

Thanks in advance for the information. We are so excited for the honeymoon!