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    Default Music on the Island

    Due to arrive for our honeymoon at CTI in 44 days. Cant believe how quickly it is coming around. Intend to spend much of our time on the island and wondered if there is background music around the pool bar area etc, or if the guests bring their own, i.e. iPods etc.
    Iain and Jacqui.

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    When we were there, they had a radio/cd player. Someone brought out their IPod docking station and hooked that up also. But the last I knew, the island does not have a permanent IPod docking station. The rooms, however do.

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    They usually have a radio/CD player there. A lot of times guests bring their own music. We'll just miss you at CTI, we arrive on he 21 of April.

    Have a ball.


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    There is a radio that also has an iPod docking station on it.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    There is music playing there - not sure if its a docking station or radio. We brought our own little waterproof speaker case which works great with the ipod, more so in the immediate area of your chairs. Think we got it a bed bath and beyond for $10.

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