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    We will be heading to CSS in 5 days.....I'm so excited! My question is does Dunns River take all day? If so when does the trip leave and return. Just trying to make sure we have enough time to do things in the 5 days we are staying. Of course we might not leave the resort, but at least I will have information to make a decision.

    Sue & Ken

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    Default sue

    Don't plan to much. The resort is the best part of your trip.

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    Hi. It's a half day trip. Think it leaves around 8.30 and you are back before midday, or on 1-ish

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    It leaves around 9am and you're back at noon. But listen to POPO, the best part of the trip is at the resort!
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    Hi Sue..........Just returned from CTI 7/26 - 8/1, the Dunns River trip leaves at 9am, back by noon. Make sure you have water shoes (you will be able to buy or rent on the way)Take some $$$ for tips, waterproof camera, still photo $8.00 and souvenirs. It's a lot of will be wet

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