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    Default We are going in May

    We are a rookie couple both 50 going to CSA May 7 - 13th any vets going to be there to help give us some pointers do don'ts etc

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    You really don't need any pointers except that there are no "Don'ts" Everything is a "Do".
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    Wally is right....but the only 2 "do's I can think of are A)treat the staff with respect and B)take the orientation tour!! If you do these 2 things, then you're sure to have the time of your life!! Enjoy - I'm envious!!!!

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    hi thanks plan on doing the orientation and was wondering how busy the beach is as far as vendors

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    We are also a rookie couple age 53 going to CSA May 7. We are looking forward to scuba diving and every activity we can fit in at CSA. The only other all-inclusive we have been to was Sandals in Ocho Rios, so we are really looking forward to visiting Negril and seeing how Couples compares to Sandals. Can't wait.

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    This will be our 2nd time at CSA and will be there starting the 8th and around the same Young age of 50. You are in for a real treat. Negril is so much nicer than Ocho Rios and Couples is AMAZING! Great staff, new friends and total relaxation. You can float all day in the water with your float which are the lounge chair cushions. See you there!

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    We will be at CSA April 30 - May 7 and then CN from May 7-13. Vendors are not a problem at either CSA or CN. There is no real comparison to S -- we have been to all 4 of Couples and to S's MoBay and Royal C. While we love both and each are different (just at are the 4 Couples), our real love is Couples. It is more who we are (we don't want, need, the fancy furniture or so-called butler stuff. There more of a "family" feel at Couples, they are more inclusive with things that are added cost at S, the come-back incentives "Romance Reward" are certainly more attractive and usually a little less costly. Also, we appreciate the AN option.

    Of course actions speak louder that words, so the fact that we are going to CSA and CN in May and then again in Nov shows the results of our "comparison". You are going to love CSA.

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    Enjoy the resort, get on island time. Make friends, they can last a lifetime.

    there are not that many off site excursions that are a must do. If you are there a week then you can try Rick's, it is fun but the food is not as good as Couples and it can get crowded on some evenings.

    We are going to CSA in November for the first time. We have been to CN 3 times and CSS once. This will be our 16th trip to Jamaica and most of the visits have been to Negril but we have stayed in Ocho and Mobay several times and we like the pace in Negril.

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    Randi & Sherri 12th trip to CSA 7-13 May!!
    Randi & Sherri
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    We are going to be at CSA May 2 - 12 for our second trip. I cannot wait! We're both just shy of 40 but have many close friends in their 50's so I'm sure we'll all get along! My hubby likes to scuba dive, but I don't so I'm sure he'll get to know the other couple from Clearwater, FL. We're from Gainesville -- not too far away! We're looking forward to meeting lots of new people.

    Lorraine and Shawn McGill

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    Great to here from so many hope to meet you all in May thanks
    Craig and Mealnie

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    I have to add one pointer to the already great CSA tips: ALWAYS TRY THE SOUP!!

    Hey Clearwater -- I grew up there!! (I am assuming you mean the one and only Clearwater, FL) and now we live just South of the Skyway bridge. In fact, we lived there for many years. Both my kids were born at Morton Plant.

    We'll be at CSA May 12-20, so we should overlap a few days! Find us on the beach. Doug and Vee. You can't miss us. Doug is 6'7" and looks like a cross between Lyle Lovett and Ryan Stiles. I'll try to post a pic on the meetup thread for May! Soon come, mon. Soon come.
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