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    This will be my first flight with spirit airlines. I was on there website and see that they charge for baggage. It is complicated to understand. I have tried emailing them to find out what prices we need to pay for baggage and if I can pre pay or do we pay for it when we arrive at the airport? Any info would be greatly helpful and also if I take a purse and a carry on can my husband still take a carry on or am i only allowed a carry on or purse? And do they charge for carry on baggage as well?

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    Yes it is confusing. I have flown with them twice to Jamaica, and despite the extra charges believed to receive a good deal. You may bring ONE personal item free of charge. The personal item MUST fit under the seat in front of you. ( I bring a large purse, and my husband brings his CPAP machine for sleep apnea ). If you bring a carry on bag- bag that has to be place up above in storage, the cost is $20 for $9 air members , $30 if signed up luggage in advance, and $45 at the gate. For checked luggage $23 - for $9 air members and $ 33 for nonmembers. Also, they do watch CLOSELY what you bring on the airplane. Do not think you will sneak on a large bag, and sneak it on, and place it in overhead storage. They have people in line watching what you are doing. As much as I hate the charge for carry ons, I do enjoy boarding and exiting the plane. Few people bring carry ons because of the cost, and boarding and exiting are Very simple, because you are not waiting for people to deal with their carry on luggage. I actually now become annoyed traveling with other airlines, because of the long waits .

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    Thank you for your help. I figured I would just bring a purse and put our swimwuits in there and travel information as well as a book magazine and glasses and contact solution and that should be all i need. Which is why I didnt want to pay for a carry on and I get why they do it I just wanted to make sure I had the correct information. And do you know how or where I pre pay for the luggage so I can get the cheaper rate? Thanks for the help.

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    Your reservation link on Spirit will allow you to pre register luggage, and pay in advance. Also, do not put 2 pieces of luggage under one person's name. They actually charge you more for the 2nd piece of luggage per person.

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    I bring a small carry-on that fits under the seat and put my purse inside it (because it's smaller). Take advantage of the full space that they allow you for free! Pay for your checked bag(s) in advance because it costs more at the airport. One thing to note is that I think they lowered the weight limit for those from 50 lbs. to 40. That's okay... you should pack lighter than you think anyway. My other suggestion would be to pay extra to upgrade to the big front seats. I think the rates vary but for our trip, it was only an extra $15 each and it's like being in first class! Two seats in the space of three in the back. Totally worth it!

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    Thanks for the info about weight limit changes. It was still fifty pounds our last trip.

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