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    Default CSA- New Years Eve check in 2011/2012

    Anyone else booked yet???!

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    Default Yipee!

    We are here now for our first trip and have just booked for 27 december for 11 nights ....... What happens here on nye .... We have done x 4 at CN but this will be our first at CSA. we leave CSA today but only 10 months and 1 week till we get back any info on NYE would be great.
    Helen, UK

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    Helen I hope you have a safe trip home.It was nice meeting you and Alan.We're at home now and have a storm coming in tonight.Oh to be back at CSA.Bruce and Brenda

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    This will be our first visit to any Couples property! I will be anxious to hear as well!

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    We just booked for dec 29th- january 5th for our honeymoon!

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    Booked it today: December 26th - January 2nd!!! It will be our honeymoon...can't wait! Look forward to partying it up with all of you!
    -Tom & Kelly

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    What fun!!! We are arriving 28th, getting married on NYE, and staying through the 6th!

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    We can all celebrate our honeymoons together one night! It seems so far away but I cannot wait to go! JessnMike thats so awesome your getting married there, how fun!

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    Heading in on December 27th, having our 10 year vow renewal on the 29th, and staying through Jan. 3rd. This is also our first time at Couples and Negril. We have been to Ocho Rios twice (once for our honeymoon and once for our 5 year anniversary). Really looking forward to it!

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    Booked Dec 30-Jan6!! This will be our 3rd time at CSA! Looking forward to meeting new friends! Jansen & Amy

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    We will be there 12/31- 1/6! Congrats on all the weddings.. We are previous couples guests but first time at swept away and negril! There are lots of advatages of being repeat guests with romance rewards. hope to meet up with some of ya guys! We met some really great friends while at tower isle last year and keep in touch with some..

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    Name:  me and mike_0002.jpg
Views: 909
Size:  38.1 KBI am so excited to go for new years! We usually cruise for new years but it is cold most of the cruise.. we love couples! Been to tower isle last time..anyway hope to see everyone there..

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    171 more days!! So excited!

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    the Scots all of us kilted as usual will be at csa advanced party on the 20th then the main force on the 24th right through until Jan 2012

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    Colby and Heather will be there again to ring in the new year! December 25-January 1. For the newbies, Jamaican's know how to throw a serious party, best NYE anywhere!!! This will be our 10th trip to Jamaica and our 4th NYE at Swept Away. You are in for a real treat.

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    good to know this will be our first at swept away and first at couples for new years last year during summer we did tower isle..

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    Driverlady, this will be our 16th visit to csa. Have spent many Xmas holidays there, but never NYE. Soooo what is in store for us? Also, what do most people wear for the evening of the 31st (which is also my birthday!!)? It's always good to change things up when coming home for another visit.

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    I've added everybody that has their dates posted on the MB to the December meetup list. Looks like ya'll will be having a great NYE party. Here's a copy of the list - 123 days and counting!!!

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    cant see the file attached what is it?

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    Melinda & Mike - the file is an excell spreadsheet of everyone on the Dec 2011 and this thread that have listed their arrival and departure dates. Click on the file name and download the file to your computer. It's also listed on the dec 2011 meetup thread.

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    Default We'll be there too!

    Dave and I well be there Dec 20th - Jan 6th. This is our 10th visit to CSA but the first time we've been there at New Years. Can't wait! We have wanted to be at CSA for New Years for a long time but couldn't because we usually travel with family at that time.

    I was reading a post on Trip Advisor about people decorating their patios (verandas) with lights over the holidays. Sounds like a nice idea. I'm thinking about bringing a string of small lights and an extension cord for our room. From what was said on TA you can use duct tape to hang them. What do you think?
    Dave and Karon
    Newmarket Ontatio (North of Toronto)

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    We will be there from Dec 27th-jan 3rd (give or take a few days). This seems like the thread to watch since everyone here will be there when we are there!! This is our first time at couples (we dont travel much) but we wanted to treat oursleves for our honeymoon.

    Looking forward to getting to know you and seeing you at CSA

    Scott and Angela
    Brampton Ontario (west of Toronto)

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    Lots of people decorate their patios/verandahs with ornaments/trees/lights during the holidays. We normally bring a set of lights but we use the solar powered ones. Tape and/or light clips can damage the wood on the railings. We use removeable velcro straps or just drape it arround the railing. You will really enjoy the decorations that the staff puts up. The area by the Gazebo is our favorite. We normally have a private dinner at the Gazebo before we leave and it looks like they decorated the whole area just for us.

    115 days and counting!!!

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    Default NYE check in 2011/12

    Mike and Monica, cold you please add us to the mix. We are Mai and Peter coming back for our 16th visit to csa. Our dates are: Dec. 30th to Jan 10th. Thanks so much , and looking forward to another memorable vacation in Negril.
    Mai & Peter
    Stoney Creek, Ont. Canada

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    Hi Mike and Monica... since it looks like you are the official keeper of the list, can you please add us

    Angela and Scott Dec 29-Jan4 - first trip to Jamaica - celbrating honeymoon
    early 30's Brampton Ontario. Canada


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