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    Default Great New Couples Negril Video

    Meet the Staff at Couples Negril

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    Loved this video. Also, the author also does excellent videos of all the Couples Resorts. They are short, and show you the vibe of each resort. CSA - . CSS- . CTI - .

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    Very odd. The links worked right after posting, and now they are not working- sorry ! If you click the original threads you tube video, then click uploaded by Travelpulse, it will show you all the Couples Videos.

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    Wow - obviously very professionally done video. We really like the interviews with Sean, Brian, and Tyrone.

    We noticed a few odd things.

    The pool volleyball net was moved to the other end (from where it has been for years), guess they wanted a different background for that shoot.

    It must be several months old, as the old boardwalk is still there.

    What is the white awning thing in the tree house? A curtain blowing out?

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    Awesome videos!!! 122 more days to CTI!

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    Take a look at all the videos by Travelpulse of Couples, they are great !

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