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    Do y'all supply wakeboards or do I need to bring my own? Also, my fiancée and I are coming down for the first time on our honeymoon in august, how is the weather and crowds on the beach?

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    Depending on what time you go, you probably won't need it. There are no waves.

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    The weather may or may not feel hot and humid to you depending on what part of the US you are from. People from the South say they think the humidity is better during the Summer than in the States. I feel it is stifling and I'm from Colorado where we have no humidity anytime of year. August is during hurricane season so there is always that chance along with rain showers, but unless there is a huge storm, most rain showers are brief and a relief from the heat. We always stay out in the rain as we are already wet. Some people will sit in the hot tubs during rain while others go back to their room for a "nap". If there is a significant amount of rain, the entertainment staff have activities that they do just for those times.
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    June has NO waves, only ones you will ever get is if a wave runner comes by you and you are near it. Its really calm, but to me I LOVE IT, you can just float on the rafts with your drink and relax.

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    Water is very calm.

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    I'm wondering as well. The wake should come from the boat, not the ocean waves, right? Are there wakeboards or just water skiis? Thanks. We can't wait to do it all!!!

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    They do have wakeboards at all the couples resorts, however they are garbage, and the bindings are torn to pieces. CSS had a center console they took you behind, CSA had a mastercraft, but it was broken while I was there so again a center console, CN had a mastercraft with a tower, and Ill let you know about CTI when I get back in April. Each resort had 1 wakeboard. It was a CWB with hinge bindings. Consistant at all three resorts was that all the were L or XL and they were all broken in some manner. You can get some glassy water. Its not like they will take you out for an hour long session either. More like 15 mins. Trust me when I tell you even though thier bindiings are junk its not worth bringing your wakeboard all the way to Jamacia! It is nice jumping the wake and looking down into that beautiful clear water! but then you crash on the other side because the bindings are broken!

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    Thanks. Hope they get some other options.

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