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    Default Anyone from Mass going to CN?

    Anyone from Mass going to Couples Negril in April????

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    We are from Abington. We are heading back April 1st.

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    Default We'll be there

    Ken and I return for our 9th visit to CN on March 23...we leave on April 2. We're from Pepperell MA

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    We will be going to mass on Sunday from CN.

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    I meant March 25 to April 1st

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    No! We are going on Nov 11 thru the 22. We are still hoping that you two will still join us as was planned. I know, I know! Your work has issues about that time. If you had told me before I booked our flight this past Tuesday, I could have changed our plans, but noooooooo, I found out from Kelly. To bad it would have been a hoot. I am working on our vacations in 2012 so we should talk before The end of this March to catch the deals here. Call me

    Have a blast.....
    We hate you guys LMAO

    Doug n Carolyn

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    Im so sorry. Just make it for march cmon.

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    Can't, going to Vegas in June and we already bought the airline tickets for Jamaica in November. My other week off is for riding. Ain't changing that.


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    Forgot to mention we are going for 2 1/2 weeks. Just thought you would want me to rub it in after you dumped our November get together!!!!!
    Hi Kelly, we miss U


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