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    Default Room details at CSA

    Hey everyone! I am so husband and I will be returning to Couples in June....2012, lol. I hate it's so long, but oh well. We were at CN in 2008 and went back to Negril last summer with our child. So we're planning another trip to Couples. We've decided on trying CSA. Not looking to blow the budget, but we are looking at a decent room. What are the pros/cons of some of the room categories? We don't plan on spending much time in the room so it's definitely not the most important aspect of the trip. Thanks in advance!

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    Any room at CSA is a good room; but as for us its the atrium room. There the only rooms with a hammock.

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    We were there the last week of January and stayed in a Great House Verandah Suite. It was nice, clean, and we had a great view of the beach and pool area. Disadvantages of the room are that it is all the way on one side of the resort and that there were lots of steps to climb. If you like to be where stuff is going on, it's a great room category because the building also houses the tour desk, night club, gift shop, and two restaurants. The swim up bar is right in front of the building, too. Our housekeeper was super friendly and efficient (Ersella) and the guy that stocked our minibar (pretty sure his name was Adrian) was really nice as well. I had a hard time finding pictures of this room category after we picked it, so I took some before we left and made a short slideshow:

    I think next time, it would be nice to be in a room a little more centrally located on the resort, but I really wouldn't mind staying in a GHVS again, either. Hope this helps!

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    I think you'll be happy with the lower priced rooms....Garden Verandah Suites, Greathouse Suites, or Atrium. If you want a TV, then the Atrium is out. You are going to love CSA. It is so beautiful and romantic. The main difference between the GHVS and GVS are that the GHVS have more of a hotel approach to the room. Good luck deciding. You are going to have a blast!

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    Thanks Robin, I was looking for this type of info. In fact, just posted the following post hoping to find similar peoples pics from other categories...


    Sending out a request ... Trying to decide between all the ocean view rooms at CSA. The 360 tours on the site are nice, but Id love a "walk thru" tour to see the bedroom, bathroom, and patio/verandah. Hubby wants a tv so rules out Beachfront Suites... Also liked how our past CTI room had the curtains to shut out bugs but could leave the door open for a breeze and sounds. GH Verandah, Ocean Verandah, Beachfront Verandah Suite, GH Jacuzzi? Where have you stayed? Do you have pics? Ive got a bunch of pics of our trip to CTI if anyone wants to see our pics.

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    You basically have 3 room types. On the north side are the older rooms with a larger verandah with less rooms in each building. On the south side are the newer verandah rooms which actually have smaller verandahs. These two categories are basically the same but we prefer the newer ones. Then there are the greathouse rooms which are more hotel like above patois patio. The only other difference is the proximity to the beach. Beachfront is right along the sidewalk on the beach. Oceanview are behind those and garden behind those along the road. For us it's not worth the extra cost to stay closer to the beach because only 50 yards separates them and we never go to the room but to sleep and shower. If you wanna have a view on the patio then the beachfront might appeal but to me I'd rather just sit on the beach itself.

    Another reason I don't like the older atrium style rooms is because we prefer to hang near the swim up bar and cabana grill as well as the larger portion of the beach right there. The beach is much wider on the south side where the newer buildings are. To each his own though. You will hear about "road noise" if you stay in the garden suites but it never was an issue for us. Close the windows and your fine. We sleep with our iPod on too though with ocean sounds on so that helps.

    Enjoy your stay!!

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    I have the same questions...I want to have the nicest view of the beach and have a wifi connection...after that it would be nice to be close to everything but not required...

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    Wow, I didn't know the Atrium rooms have hammocks. Do they also have the verandahs, too? I like being in the center of things, that's for sure.

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    The Atrium are the only rooms at CSA that have your own hammock and couch on the verandahs. The only thing they dont have is TV and we hope they never do...
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    Quote Originally Posted by preilly44 View Post
    I have the same questions...I want to have the nicest view of the beach and have a wifi connection...after that it would be nice to be close to everything but not required...
    The "nicest view of the beach" would be a beach front room, in what ever category. Although there are other rooms on the property that have a view of the beach, albeit some of them partially obscured by palm trees. But hey, that is a view in itself. Be aware though that all rooms at CSA are very close to the beach. Unlike many resorts in the States or Mexico you will not have to hike to the beach. I have stayed at resorts in Florida that advertised as beach front rooms and I was sorely disappointed in their definition of "beach front".
    At CSA even the rooms furthest from the beach are a very short stroll to reach the sand. CSA is blessed in that the resort is aligned linearly with the beach and is quite shallow in depth. Thus the somewhat close proximity of the rear rooms with the road. The road closely parallels the ocean all the way from MoBay, you will see it to your right for most of the trip from the airport. CSA fits in that space between road and ocean and has a luxuriously long beach for the size of the property and number of guests. Never crowded, always beautiful. Best beach ever in my opinion.

    Close to everything is also a relative term at CSA. Since the property is not huge, everything is only a short walk to reach. And the grounds are so beautiful that walking about is really a pleasure. Wifi is available in all rooms I believe. The signal strength may be spotty, but it should be there.

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    We just returned from CSA last week, 1st time, and booked a Garden Room. However when we arrived we were given an Atrium room. I thought I would be majorly disappointed as all through my research, although I liked the look of the atrium suite, I always felt that I would need a tv and would be lost without it.

    As soon as we entered this room we were both in love. I quickly decided and I mean within ten minutes, that I could do without the tv. I have to say that we never missed it. Not once. We loved this room and were there for 10 days. We were 50 paces to the beach, we counted, so I can see why people save money and don't bother with beachfront when you are that close to the beach.

    Before we left, I heard so many people say that they wouldn't swap the atrium room for any other on this forum and I really thought, yeh that's people that don't like tv as much as I do, but we felt exactly the same. If we go back, which we hope to do, we will definately book an atrium suite as it was perfect.

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    wereturmed from csa on sunday after a fantastic 2 weeks,we had an atrium room very close to the beach and we didnt miss the tv at all, it was fantastic

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    thank you robin16ak for the great slideshow of the GHVS. We are going to CSA in June 2011 and have booked the GHVS. Went to CN in 2008 and really looking forward to CSA.

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    Beachfront suite is out favorite. Close proximity to everything, especially the beach and the beach bar. Plus we would open out doors early in the a.m. and snooze with the ocean breeze and sun coming in to draw us out.
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    Wow, that beachfront suite is GORGEOUS!! We've already booked the Atrium suite, though! I hope I don't change my mind

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    Quote Originally Posted by twilson73 View Post
    Wow, that beachfront suite is GORGEOUS!! We've already booked the Atrium suite, though! I hope I don't change my mind
    We had beachfront two years ago and to be honest you will be happy with the Atrium. Hammocks ROCK!!! You honestly dont stay in your room too much and when we had the beachfront we had the wrap around porch and STILL didnt stay in the room much and paid all that more money too. So dont worry be happy! You made the right choice.

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    Default Photo's of the room catagories

    Hi Everyone

    I found this link has a lot of pictures of the different room catagories and the resort - also if you do a search on You tube - there are some videos.

    We leave in 2 days....can't wait


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    Smitty1-thanks so much for posting the link with the great photos! 112 days till we get there!

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    We had always stayed in a BFS until our last trip -- stayed an extra day and went Atrium. Know what? We decided we liked it EVEN BETTER!! It was absolutely the best room ever. Our next trip in 70 days, we're going Atrium again. and now, it even has a minibar. Woot Woot.
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    That is true, we have never spent a lot of time in our room on our other trips.

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