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    Default Snorkeling at CTI & Jewelry question

    Since we're planning to get married at CTI, my soon to be hubby is being really weird about me wearing my engagement ring on this trip.

    He is so worried something will happen. Yep, we do have insurance on them.

    I don't want to get married without my engagement ring.

    Any advice on being safe? What to do, what not to do? He is trying to freak me out that someone will try to chop my hand off to get my ring.

    I know I won't be wearing it that much on the resort due to sand/lotion/water.

    Secondly, I have a SERIOUS FEAR of water. I can swim like a fish... it's a thing from my past from two near drownings.

    Brian loves water sports, especially snorkeling and scuba diving. He wants me to do this so badly. I am so scared.

    How deep is the water there for snorkeling? What's it like?

    I think I'll need Xanax.
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    I'm going through the same thing with my soon to be husband (we're getting married at CTI Apr 4) He doesn't want me to wear it. I just told him I am absolutely getting married with my engagement ring. Since only a very few of our friends and family are joining us, I want the ceremony and pictures to show our actual jewelry. After that, I plan to tuck my rings in the safe in our room. Based on what I read on the board, that's the way to go.

    Can't speak much to the snorkeling, etc. because I haven't been yet. Congrats on your wedding, I'm sure the whole trip will be just fine!

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    In 15 trips to Jamaica I have worn my wedding set all the time and never had a problem. The issue isn't one is going to chop your hand off, kidnap you or hold you at gunpoint for your ring so you can take those off the list of things to worry about. When people lose a ring it's due to slick fingers from lotions (sunscreen) and then add sweat or water to that and you get a really slick hand and suddenly a ring comes off without being noticed...particularly if you are playing volleyball or swimming or doing something that's causing rapid movements of your hand and you aren't paying attention. My ring fits so that it takes a bit to get it over my knuckle and the sunscreen we use isn't greasy at all so I've never felt it to be a risk but I've certainly watched others searching for their rings in the sand and in the water and done a double check for the security of mine. Just something to think about. But for the wedding, absolutely I'd wear it...wouldn't miss that opportunity for the world! Then if you feel it's risky on the beach put it in the safe in your room during the day and all your worries are gone!

    As for snorkeling or scuba diving...don't know what to tell you to get you over that fear. Personally, I would say if your fear is truly that deep I wouldn't try scuba, what if you suddenly have a panic attack while you are 30 feet under water? You could put yourself or others at risk. But ultimately only you know how deep this fear really is, just sounds like quite an issue from what you said here and likely justified. Snorkling is another issue, if you are with a group and panic and get to flailing about someone could get hurt. If it's just the two of you then he's prepared for your reaction and less likely he'll be hurt. Again though, only you know how you really feel about this and how you might react but be honest and don't put others in danger. No xanax for scuba or snorkle...please! As far as the water, it's clear and warm. The depth can depend on the sight they take you to but if it's over your head does it matter?

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    Wear your jewelry at night, but during the day, put in safe. NOT because someone will cut off your hand for it, BUT because with the salt water and suntan lotions and creams they tend to fall off very easily. So I guess it's your call if you want to wear it all the time. But no one is going to hurt you for if.

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    Don't know how deep the water is for snorkling, but it is perfectly okay for your hubby to go and you stay on the beach in a lounger. I went snorkeling and hubby stayed behind. On the same boat a hubby went while his wife stayed behind. About the only thing your hubby can't do without you is go to "the" island.

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    I don't know about the depth because I have not been to that side of the island but I do know they will let you use a flotation device while snorkeling. If you have a fear of the water you should probably not go scuba diving. At the very least go snorkeling first and see how that goes but I really would not advise diving. You could go 40+ ft while diving and you can't just pop back up and go back to the boat if you freak out.

    As for the ring, just bring it and wear it during the ceremony but then leave it in the safe most of the time. If you stay on the resort I don't think you will have any problem, if not it is just like wearing jewelry in any city. I have yet to hear of anyone loosing a hand for a ring but I guess you never know. I don't want to lose mine in the sand or water so I leave it in the safe during the day and wear them at night when we eat. Just bring a small box or baggie to keep them in while in the safe. There are small cracks between the wall and floor of the safe that jewelry has been known to slip into.

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    My husband have discussed this also. It is our first time to go & we have decided to leave our "good" wedding rings at home. I have a fake diamond band & he will be wearing just a plain gold band. If they are lost or stolen, then whatever... We are leaving our real wedding rings with his mother.

    As far as your fear of swimming, remember you are on vacation. Do what you are comfortable doing. Most of all.... have fun!

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    Thanks, everyone. I will follow your advice.

    Someone told me that snorkling isn't that deep.... I really do prefer to touch the bottom.

    We will have two friends with us who both enjoy that stuff, so I think I'll enjoy reading a good book while they do that, but future hubby is truly hoping that I'm able to get over it enough to try.

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    You will not want to touch the bottom as you snorkel as you will be at a reef and it is very damaging to the reef for people to stand on it. The best thing is to get a life vest and test the waters, so to say, if you are uncomfortable you are welcome to climb back in the boat and wait for the others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by avelezsolic View Post
    Thanks, everyone. I will follow your advice.

    Someone told me that snorkling isn't that deep.... I really do prefer to touch the bottom.

    We will have two friends with us who both enjoy that stuff, so I think I'll enjoy reading a good book while they do that, but future hubby is truly hoping that I'm able to get over it enough to try.
    Snorkeling does not tend to be that deep but you might not be able to touch the bottom and you probably shouldn't if you can help it. Some of the sites on the other side of the island are all reef on the bottom and you should not touch that for fear of injury or hurting the reef. Standing or walking on the bottom near the reef stirs up all sorts of silt and sand which will make visibility much lower. The sand is also really coarse out there and gets into your flippers which is really uncomfortable. At CSA the watersports guys tell you how deep each site is before you get off the boat so maybe that will help you feel more comfortable knowing that it isn't that deep. I think most of the sites we went to were around 10ft.

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    Oh ok... 10 feet is something that I think I can handle I think anything around 12 feet or more I'll freak out. Thanks soooo much!

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    I just have to weigh in on this topic.

    You should SO wear your engagement ring when you get married.

    Please know that when you are at CTI everyone who works there is 1000% dedicated to making it the most memorable vacation, much less wedding, that you could hope for. Having you enjoy it and talk about how wonderful your time there was is the best advertising there is and they can't buy that, they can only earn it with their hospitality and safeguarding you so that nothing unpleasant happens to you.

    CTI is walled and gated and there are security guards there for your protection. No one is going to cut your hand off to steal your rings.

    I snorkle on top of the water. They provide lifevests.

    48 days. Jamaica soon come.

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