Ok, I went back and checked my old receipt. I booked a trip to CTI Feb 28, 2009 for travel in Sept 2009 (that year). It was called "Fall In Love Again" and came with the discounted rate and $500 resort credits (technically, 350/150). After booking, I was told (on old MB) this special is offered yearly...

We intended on returning in 2010, but had some medical stuff come up so could not get away.

We ARE going to go in 2011, but my husband has been watching and watching waiting for this 'deal' he was told is offered every year, for travel same year ... The spa credit was nice, but I really liked the gift shop credit. The Romance Rewards 30min massage is good enough for me - just being there is relaxing!!

Weve found the credits now seem to have diminished from 500 down to anywhere from 50 to 300. Is that the "max" deal offered now (since 2009 when we were there)? ...

Last stay was 9 nights... This time, it will be at least two weeks... Unless I have to take some souvenir money and decrease my stay to spend the same amount.. Can not wait to book and have my countdown begin... So, any members book last February for travel in Aug/Sept last year?

Was that 'yearly deal' changed or not offered after we booked?

Even with the snow melting, Im tired of MICHIGAN! Would pack up my dogs and move to Jamaica in a heartbeat if I could!