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    Okay for my husband and I are going to CTI in March...I have started the offical countdown. Less then a month!!!!! I can't wait, we have never been to a couples resort or even Jamaica so this is all new. ANy insight on anything that will help us along the way???

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    Relax and enjoy it. Don't over schedule yourself. Have fun.

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    I've never been to CTI, but just like any Couples..the main thing is HAVE FUN!

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    Oh its at the 20 day mark for us and I cant wait any longer wish it was tomorrow. My bag is half packed but my mind is already there. We will arrive on the 9 and leave the 16 th as well. Hope to see you there

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    You will fall head over heels in love with Couples. Bring a journal and document! You will not regret it and will love to go back and read the days events.

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    1 month 6 days here You will have so much fun.
    1. Write down the recipe of your favorite drink before you leave
    2. Make reservations to Bayside (my favorite)
    3. Try Tower Island. Even if you think it isn't for you remember you are on vacation so live a little. (promise you will thank me)
    4. At night you will hear the peaceful sounds of the ocean and tree frogs. Take a walk and enjoy being with your soulmate.
    5. They give you an option of eating breakfast in your room. They will leave a card on your door the night before and you check everything you want. Go all out and check everything at least once
    6. The staff is wonderful so don't hesitate to talk to them and ask them questions. You will find the staff is one of the reasons you will want to return to couples for every vacation.

    With all of that being said I agree with dandj. Go Relax enjoy dont' over schedule yourself. These are always things that I tell my friends that are going to couples for the first time to try. Take any advice and leave the worries mon!

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    Lauren80. Congrats on going to CTI. You won't be sorry. We been there 3 times already and #4 will be this Sept. Try it ALL and find time to relax too. The staff is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Tell Byron that R&R will soon be there. Have a GREAT time.

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    Welcome to your new family..Your new family of Couples.
    The Couples Resorts where you are somebody and not just number...The Couples Resorts' staff will try very hard to spoil you so let them..Get to know their names,tease them and bond.

    GO.RELAX.ENJOY CTI and have a Salty Dog for me..Ruff Ruff
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    Book eight Rivers and Bayside upon arrival. Also , book the Catamaran Cruise early during your trip , just in case it is rescheduled due to bad weather, you will not want to miss it. Visit the spa even if you are not doing a massage. There are 2 very nice jacuzzis in the area, and makes for some nice private time. Also, find the hammocks in the garden area and take a nap. TRY a martini ( they have a martini bar set up a few nights). They have a martini menu, and you may find a new favorite drink. My husband and I are now coffeetini addicts ! Go to the veggi bar on the beach. She makes a great smoothie, and the sweet potato chips are addicting ( and the little lady who works there is very sweet ). Sit on the pier one night and enjoy the stars. Like said before, try the island, you have to give it a try at least once in your life. You may find, like us, that we really enjoyed it ! Have a great time !

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    I am sooo excited for you, your time is coming soon. I liked schweiso's advice for you & Jamerican352005's advice about the breakfast menu (things I never thought of and funny). My advice: Lounge around and relax with a good book or an ipod. If you are fortunate and there are super hot days, jump into the cool pool. Get a beef patty & some jerk chicken at the grill. Some nights, there is a sax player that plays on the romantic and lovely. I had a massage like non other there. Take in some of the free excursions. NO OTHER RESORT THAT IVE SEEN IN JAMAICA OFFER THIS MANY AND FOR FREE! I prefer not to be nude...just not my thing...but boy would I like to go to the island, have a BoB Marley shot and try ALL of the restaurants. You will meet some awesome people awesome, staff and guest

    53 days to go for me

    One love,


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