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Thread: SSB or CN?

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    Default SSB or CN?

    We went to CN last September for a week and loved the AN beach. Hot sun for my old bones, dip in the Caribbean, then the hot tub right behind where we were sitting: all day long!
    The AN area at Sans Souci, Sunset Beach yes?, looks quite inviting for another week of the same....except there's no hot tub right? Anyway, what does the MB faithful have to say about which is best, SSB or CN?

    Westmore, VT

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    Default Cold water

    SSB has a stream running out into the ocean that has COLD water. Thus the water is a little chilly. Very warm water at CN. Very nice pool and small hot tub at SSB when we were there in 02.

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    Susan and I going to do a split this year in July. 3 nights at CN, then 7 nights at CSS. Susan has never seen the CN side of the island after. (4 trips to CSS and 1 to CTI).

    I think you will like the set up at SSB, yes the ocean water is cool by the river but once you get past it is great. We like SBB a little better so far is that it offers a large pool with swim up bar, on site grill, a beach all in one location. Yes they have a hot tub at SSB.

    We'd love to do CSA but no AN place... but I say try them the Couples Resorts and enjoy..

    Jeff and Susan

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    We also love AN at CN. There is no match for that ocean. We do, however, like to shake it up with a trip to CSS in between our Decembers at CN, if we can afford it. SSB is fantastic. Completely different-challenging to get into the ocean but fun once you make it out. Nice pool and hot tub and they bring food over for lunch, if you like to never leave. We miss CN's beach a little while we are there but CSS is beautiful resort and it is fun to go there for a change up. Hope you enjoy.

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    We've been to CN 5 times in a row then went to CSS SSB. SSB is fabulous and CSS is a wonderful resort to experience. Go check it out and enjoy! SSB is more about the beach and pool so if you want to go into the ocean bring water shoes to protect your feet and be prepared for a cool water swim. My husband absolutely loved the cool water - I loved the pool
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    Default Photos of SSB Pool Area

    Here are a few photos showing some of the features of CSS's SSB area. Clicking on any of them will take you to a larger view. Also, more photos of the SSB area may be seen by clicking on the links in my signature below.

    SSB's New Hottub (added July 2010)

    SSB Grill

    Sunrise at the SSB Pool

    SSB Massage Hut

    What a great place to get a couples massage!

    As you can see in the photos, there is no real reason to leave the SSB area during the day. Sun, food, drinks and great people. What more could you want?

    129 days and counting!
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    I haven't been to CN yet, but SSB is private, wide, has a great pool, food, hot tub and the ocean. Don't let the comments on the cold water dissuade you. If you swim in the ocean north of NJ, the water will still seem warm to you. When we were there, the coldest water was only knee high and once you got past the sandbar, it mixed with the warm water.

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