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    Default So disappointed....

    Well, due to an unfortunate glitch with our taxes we have to postpone our trip to CTI from 4/30/11 to 8/20/11. I couldn't be more upset, especially because it was an error made by someone else.

    My countdown would have been 72 days today - now it's 184.

    To top it off, we WOULD HAVE been going at the very beginning of spring - the weather is still pretty crappy here in Syracuse around that time. Now we are going in August - the warmest time of year here.

    Oh least I still get to go, right?

    And so the new countdown begins!!!
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    At least you have a countdown. We can't book anything until next year for 2013. Be grateful you can go at all. However, I do hate changes in plans especially if someone else messed it up.

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    Yep think of the positive. May have been an error but you are blessed enough to get to go anyway. Everything happens for a reason as well. It might rain everyday in Jamaica starting April 30th Just trying to cheer you up. (sorry for saying that for anyone going April 30th) It may be warm in Syracuse in August but Syracuse doesn't have Jamaican accents, jerk chicken, and swim up bars Congrats on your trip however belated it may be. NO WORRIES MON

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