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    What kinds of beer are served at couples sans souci. I'm a stout drinker and was wondering if they served any stouts.

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    I know they have Guiness at CSA, but not sure about CSS. I'll bet if you ask once you're there, they will get some for you.

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    Thank you this is what I wanted to hear.

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    Just wondering what they have that may be more like a craft beer? Not really expecting this, and red stripe is always great when you are in jamaica. Just really love a good ipa

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    Don't remember there being any craft beers at either CTI or CSS. Or a good IPA for that matter.

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    I had red stripe bold on the way to the resort, it was delicious, but they dont have it at the resort.

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    The Guinness Stout available in Jamaica is Guinness Forein Extra, brewed in Jamaica by the brewery that produces Red Stripe. We found it at CTI. It is most akin to the Guinness Foreign Extra that is newly available in the US, notably different than Guinness Draught which is more commonly seen in the US. There is also a Jamaican brand called Dragon Stout, from the same brewery. Dragon was not available at CTI, but you might look for it if the bus makes a stop on the way from the airport, or if you go into Ocho Rios. It is worth a try if you like stouts.

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    Thanks! We are spoiled in Madison with our beer, so this is a great time to enjoy other drinks!

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