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    Default A day on Ocho Rios

    Hi, we are staying CTI and fancy going out of the resort for a day into Ocho Rios. What is the best way to do this. Can we get a taxi from outside the resort and how much will this cost each way. Is there somewhere we should avoid and somewhere we should definitely go to. We just really want to have a walk around, maybe some shopping, couple of drinks and a meal.


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    They can help you with that at the concierge desk. And any time you leave the resort, be sure to tell someone where you are going and when you will be back. So in case anything happens, people will know where you are.

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    When we are at CTI or CSS we always get a taxi from the resort and go into town for a few hours. Couples will call a taxi for you and when the driver drops you off, tell him what time to pick you up and he will be there. You pay him when you get back to Couples. We always go to Island Village and the Tajmahal shopping center is just a couple blocks walk away. Margaritaville is in the Island Village shopping area if you want something to eat and drink. Have fun.

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    I would suggest asking the staff that works at couples. Ask for Kirk he will help you. Not sure if Ainsworth is there anymore. Once time we missed the bus to go shopping and he took us in his car to the shopping center. That was the best tour we ever had. Not sure if he was suppose to do this or not but you know that is the reason we keep going back. They really go the extra mile (no pun intended)

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    Hi we just returned from 12 fantastic days at CTI this was our 2nd trip there and cannot wait until next year we did leave the resort in fact 3 times and had a blast. We took a taxi from the resort ask for danny he is totally awesome gives good tips on where to go he will wait for you does not rush you is excellent we can't say enough about this person. I have his email address if interested I emailed him before we left and let him know what we wanted to do his prices are fair. Have a wonderful trip! can't wait until february 2012 CTI.

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    Default Doesn't CTI offer a shuttle?

    Hi! My boyfriend and I took the shuttle that CTI offers (I hope they still do because it is one of excursions we are looking forward to!) why bother paying for a cab, the shuttle gives decent time in downtown Ochie. It first stops at a flea market for an hour but then drops you off in Taj Mahal which is right across the street from island village. You can walk the main street, shop and eat. there are local bars to have drinks at and restaurants to eat at (nothing fancy but fun and good Jamaican food). they give you about 4 or 5 hours. Downtown Ochie doesn't take that long really even if you eat. We go into downtown everytime, it is a must. But also, the bellmen at CTI probably know the best cab drivers who are regulars they use often Just my opinion.

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