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    I am just wondering what other people have done as far as bringing purses or something to carry your wallet in Jamaica... I was thinking about bringing an over the shoulder one but I was just wondering what other people have done... Thanks
    Chelsea and Zach

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    What would you put in your purse or wallet? If you stay on the resort, I'd say go without (what a great thing, as a woman, to take a vacation from carrying a purse). For the beach, just take a beach bag with your room key, book, sunscreen, etc. To go outside the resort, I'm not sure. Fanny pack, I guess, or make your husband bring a wallet with both of your stuff in his pocket.

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    Well, I was thinking money I would need for tips, the credit card for wedding photos and stuff I can't pay for until I'm there... Flight tickets and other stuff... I was just wondering if anyone else ever brought a purse... I could put it in a pocket of my carry-on I suppose... A fannie pack is out of the question for me, haha, just not a fannie pack girl... Thanks for the response
    Chelsea and Zach

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    I use our beach bag for the resort. Not necessary to carry a purse during the night. Just something else to keep up with.

    When we go off resort we take a fanny pack.

    I don't even take a purse with me when we go to Jamaica.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I always take a cute inexpensive shoulder bag, for when I go out- something light, to carry my cash and whatever I need in town.

    I give it to one of the girls on Staff when we leave.

    ( No fanny packs for me either )

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    I took my purse with me to Jamaica and then left it in the safe while at the resort. As long as your purse isn't huge that would not be a problem. You will not need it on the resort so it is certainly an option if you want to leave it at home. I couldn't do it, but more power to those who can.

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    First, you don't need to worry about tipping, that is not allowed at the resorts other then for the shuttle driver or spa personel. I would assume that the charges for the wedding photo's will be charged to your room or can be.

    If you are taking a carryon then just slip your wallet into your carryon if you don't want to carry a purse. That is what I do. I use my beachbag as my carryon, put my wallet in there and when I get to the room just lock it in the safe. You won't need it for anything else unless you leave the property.

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    My wife carries a little wallet looking thing with a strap. We use it at the airports, and to hold cash, but it spends most of its vacation in the safe.

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    I don't bring a purse to Jamaica. I have a really nice carry-on that I use. In that, I have my passport, cash and a credit card in a little portfolio. I also keep some small bills in an easy to access pocket of my carry-on. I leave all of my other credit cards and such at home. Hubby brings his wallet, so he also keeps cash on hand for tipping the drivers, but he also leaves the rest of his credit cards at home too. Once at the resort, it all goes in the safe. Hubby will carry my lip gloss in his pocket so I don't need to carry anything at the resort. In fact, you won't see hardly anyone carrying a purse on resort property.
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    I have a large bag/purse I use as a carryon for the plane. I put my wallet in this along with book/magazine, passport, tix, etc. Once we get to the resort, I use my beach bag for the beach & catamaran cruise. If we leave the resort my husband just carries his wallet, I do not carry anything. Also, I do not carry anything at night.

    I agree with WandA - no fanny packs for me either!!

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    No fanny packs here either. You don't need to worry about tips at CSA (except at the Salon, I tipped when I got a massage)...but you should tip the driver of the bus to & from the airport to CSA. Along with the guys who handle your bags.

    I bring a large purse as my carry on. It holds my wallet, magazines, a book, bottle of water. Then at the resort, I just lock up my wallet in the safe.

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    I have a small coach bag with a zipper and strap that fits around my wrist. It's big enough to hold some cash, room key, lip gloss, credit card, camera etc. I use it on every vacation and it works perfect.

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    I carried a purse with me to Jamaica (since you can use a carry-on and one extra bag like a purse, laptop bag, etc.), and used it to hold our passports, keys, gum, tickets, a book, granola bars, etc. It was just easier to keep that at my seat with me on the plane and throw the carry-on into the overhead compartment. Once we got to the resort, it went into the safe until we left; all we carried around the resort was a beach bag with our towels, books, camera, sunscreen, and room keys.

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    My wife always discourages me from taking a purse.
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    Every night at dinner, almost every man at the resort will probably have a tube of lipstick in his pocket.

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    I agree with the others that a purse is definitely not necessary at the resort. I usually take a small backpack to carry all of our travel documents, cash, credit cards and snacks for the travel days but it stays in the safe while we are "home".

    DO bring some sort of bag for the beach. You don't realize how much there is to carry until you get there (towels, sunscreen, chapstick, sunglasses, camera, books/magazines, etc).

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    When we go off the resort, I stick my Driver's Lic, for ID and money in my camera bag which has zippered pockets and a long shoulder strap.

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    I never carry my actual purse when we go to Jamaica. I use a totebag type thing for the plane that I can keep my folder with travel docs, my book & usually my hubby's book, snacks, billfold, camera, etc. If we go off the resort that's what a use. Very handy. I pack a small evening purse to use for dinner for my lipstick, powder, glasses, etc.

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    I have to carry a purse with me when I travel. But once I am at the resort, I don't carry it. I take my wallet and travel documents and put them in the safe, and throw my purse in a drawer. You truly do not need a purse unless you just like carrying one.

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    I take a beach bag that doubles as a purse. I carry my beach bag/purse with me on the plane, which contains my wallet for any expenses we may occur on the plane/airport/bus ride to the resort. Then once we arrive at the resort, I put my wallet in the safe, and there it stays for the rest of the trip. Then I have my beach bag with me for the resort. If we go anywhere off-site, then I make hubby carry any money in his wallet.

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    It is possible that a purse will likely spend a lot of time in the safe, but I think you'd be glad you brought one. I mean at CSA, I went to Feathers and Lemon Grass, where you dress up a little bit and it was nice to have the purse for makeup supplies, a comb, and camera. When on the beach or just walking around the resort a beach bag/back pack type bag worked well. Something you could just sling over a shoulder. Maybe I'm just over dependent on my "bags" and maybe I just need too much stuff, but I like to have things with me just in case. Now on the flipside, I did notice that my husband kept sticking his items down in my bag, so I had to put a stop to that so that the bag would not be too heavy. I carried my camera, bug spray, sunblock, a few dollars, in case there was something I wanted to buy from a vender, etc. If I grew tired of carrying it, it was a neutral type back-pack bag, so my husband carried it sometimes. Basically I think if you are the type that is mcuh more comfortable with a bag or purse etc. with you typically, you will be that way while in Jamaica as well. Have FUN!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spiff542 View Post
    Every night at dinner, almost every man at the resort will probably have a tube of lipstick in his pocket.
    LOVE it Spiff - We ALWAYS do that!!!

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    I laughed out loud at the post about the men carrying a tube of lipstick! I don't use lipstick but husband most definitly carries my lip balm!!!

    I have a small over the shoulder (cross-ways) purse that I use to hold our money etc. but I keep it in the carryon and it lives in the safe. Our passports etc. are kept in the zippered pocket of the carry on and as for tip money during travel (not the resort) well that is the husband's problem. He keeps small bills in his pocket. I hold the big stuff. LOL!!

    I've also got a little Jamaica bag in pink and black that I bought on the beach (it's mini) with two little black handles that I take into town. It's big enough to hold a credit card, some bills, the camera, my lip balm and husbands cigarettes (stupid cigarettes). Husband and our friends made fun of my little pink bag until we went out to town and then they all wanted to put their stuff in it - yea lovin' the little pink bag now aren't ya??

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    Call me crazy but I take several purses. The big one for traveling with and about 3 or 4 little ones that match my outfits to carry the room key card, lip gloss and a camera. Also take a beach bag for sunscreen and towels to take to the pool or beach. Gotta have by purses and bags! Usually buy a new one while we're there to. I've gotten more complements on the purse I got last year at CSS.
    Shari & James
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