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    Default Booking This Week!

    After a co-worker came up to my desk today just to brag about booking a Couples vacation for this fall, I convinced my husband to call and get our next trip booked. He promised me we'll be booked by the end of the week! Can't wait to come home!

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    YAY! You won't be disappointed!

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    So excited for you! We booked our next trip home to CN last night. It may be too early to start the count down for November

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    Awesome!!! I know I can't wait to get home either! 29 more days!!! :O)

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    Im glad to have kick started the booking! The feeling is soooo great.

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    @ jenpatrick - I'm still jealous that you're getting back sooner than we will be! But it did help me nag the hubby into booking. He's calling tonight!

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