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    My fiance and I are going to be at CSA this May.
    We are unsure about the dress code at the restaurants there.
    I get that we will have to be a little more dressy at some of them, but what would 'resort casual' be?

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    Nice shirt, slacks, and dress shoes for men. No sandals or shorts. For women a nice dress or even sundress. You don't have to dress in formal attire just a nice outfit. For men I have seen everything from a 3 piece suit to nice slacks and a dress shirt. Women I have seen pant suits, sun dresses, and formal dresses. As long as you dont' show up in your bathing suit and sarong no one will say anything. Go relax ENJOY

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    It's easier to describe resort casual by what you might not want to wear: sports shorts, tank tops for guys, t-shirts. Having said that, I've seen all of that at The Palms at dinner. For us, resort casual means a nice pair of shorts for both of us, and a polo shirt for Bob, and a cute top for me.

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