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    What is the atmosphere at the beach bonfire at CSA? Is it a quiet type evening with couples connecting? Or is it more social type? 59 days and counting.

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    The atmosphere is very quiet and romantic. You don't hear alot of conversation but are serenaded by a great musician and the sound of the waves hitting the beach. It is so relaxing. The loungers are placed in pairs in a circle around the fire. You will love it.

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    Is there food and drinks served?

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    It is what you want it to be. If you want to sit a cuddle, do it. If you want to sing along, do it. If you are with friends and want to party a bit, do it.

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    The bonfire is very romantic and quiet. Basically just twofers sitting together and listening to the musician. In the times we've been there, there's really no socializing, per se.

    For musical socializing, you may want to try Ultimate Chocolate at the Aura Lounge. He's great at getting the party started (and keeping it going)!

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    We attended the beach bonfire at CSA last September and I would say it is more of a couples event than social. Pretty much just couples laying on beach chairs staring at the fire listening to the band. Very low key.

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    When we were at CSA last fall, the beach bonfire was very romantic. They had lounge chairs set up two-by-two in a cirle around the bonfire and they handed out blankets. We didn't get there in time to get seats so we just lay our blanket on the sand and looked at the stars. There was a really good musician singing love songs.

    It wasn't a loud party. Well, one drunk guy thought it was.

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    Very Romantic. More quiet evening with couples connecting.

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    I would call it more intimate. They pull up loungers in groups of 2 and they have some entertainment. Couples weren't grouped together in groups, but more to themselves.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Loungers are placed in a circle, at a safe distance, around the bonfire and it's a time for couples to connect while listening to beautiful guitar music and singing by a local musician. 62 days till we're there!!

    Bart & Bug

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    When I was there it was the beach lounge chairs all in a circle around the fire and a guitar was played, MAN IT WAS GOOD. Quiet and relaxing as heck. Loved it

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    What night do they have the bonfire? And is it different from the beach party?

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