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    Default Confused about Palazzina dress code...

    The website says "resoet attire"... no shorts, sandals etc. but we were there last year and they did not require long pants for dinner. Has that cnanged recently? Getting ready to pack, ! Thanks.

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    Try this link. It specifically says "no shorts allowed" in the Pallazina.
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    They are very lax with the rules. It's Jamaica. We saw a lot of shorts ans sandals there.
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    While alot of guys wear long pants for dinner at Palazina they are not required. Nice shorts, a collared shirt or nice t shirt along with sandals are just fine. no flip flops, tank tops or gym shorts

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    i wore shorts and the only pair of closed toed shoes i brought with me there. no problems having dinner there.

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    Just returned one week ago. Pallazina is called RESORT CASUAL for dress code. Just reading off the sheet we got at check in....and it states no tank tops or hats. My hubbie wore dress shorts and collared tops here and fit in perfectly. Some men did wear long pants to Pallazina but not required. The only restaurant requiring pants is Casanova.

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