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    Default Just returned from CSA

    We just returned from our 4th trip to CSA and as always we had an amazing vacation. The staff are always upbeat and go out of their way to make sure you are having a wonderful vacation.
    On a disappoonting note this was the 1st trip where I have observed guests attempting to leave $$ for the staff. We were dining at Feathers and when a table of 4 was departing they left $ on the table and the waitress looked around to make sure no one was watching and put the $ in her pocket. At the pool bar I observed the same scenario but the staff member nicely told them she could not accept $. Not to say the the staff don't deserve to be paid well but we love the fact that tipping $$ is not an accepted practice. It takes the pressure off, it is convenient and makes for an extremely relaxing vacation. I am sure the temptation is great but I would not want to see any of the staff lose his/her job because a guest gave them a tip($). So please if you read this and you think you are doing thme a favor you are not.
    When we checked in we did not have our $500.00 resort credit on our account and the conceirge staff worked diligently to assure that we received it. We checked in on Sat. and did have to wait until the Miami office opened on Monday before they could straighten it out so I was a little worried for the first part of our vacation because I was so looking forward to my time at the Spa.
    We were fortunate enough to be there for the Superbowl party as well as the Valentine's Day reception on the South Lawn. The entertainment staff work tirelssly to make these events a wonderful experience for all who attend and I am hopeful to be back for both next year.


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    Which area did you stay in? Thanks for quick review of your stay. Counting the weeks until July.

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    Glad you had a great time Mainegirl. We were able to be at CSA last year for Valentine's Day and it was absolutely amazing. The staff certainly went above and beyond to make the day magical.

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    Glad you had a great vacation! 29 more days until we return home to CSA! Cannot wait! :O)

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    If someone leaves a tip, the staff are supposed to pick it up and turn it in to the front desk. So, just because you see a staff member pick up a tip, it doesn't mean they are going to keep it.
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