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    We see next week their is several days of rain in forcast, Any past vacationers,, possibly let us first timers know,, Does it rain all day as in downpour or rain for 30 min to an hour blow on out an sunshine for rest of day? Was looking for fun in the sun not the liquid sunshine

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    This is a common question. In our experience, after 5 trips to CTI in 7 years, The Weather Channel almost always predicts rain during our stay.

    What that typically translates to are a few pop up showers that send everyone to the bar for about twenty minutes, then the sun comes back out.

    Accuweather typically has a more accurate forecast, as do a few "local" weather sites.

    What it comes down to is that Jamaica is a tropical local, and there is always a chance for rain, but most days, it does not stick around.

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    I cannot speak for CTI (yet), but on our trip to CSA last year we were fortunate enough to enjoy numerous rain showers. You could lay on the beach and watch the storm clouds heading into shore. I would just lay on the beach as the clouds passed over and gave me a refreshing cool off for about 10 minutes, until the clouds passed, and then we would get back to enjoying the beautiful sunshine again. All in all, nothing to worry about. It never rained so hard or so long that I had to ever contemplate leaving the beach for shelter. Enjoy yourself and don't worry about it!

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    We don't even look at the forecast anymore. It always says rain, and even when it doesn't, it still could. This time of the year, you'll probably have a lot more sun than rain, and that's all that matters.

    Bruce and Kelli
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