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    Default Going to the cliffs

    DH and I, along with two other couples, are coming to CN in a couple of weeks for our 2nd visit. The last time we pretty much stayed at the resort but this time we would like to go to the clffs one night for dinner and to see the sunset.

    After some research I think we are going to Xtabi and the question I have is about getting a driver. Would you recommend having the resort take care of this for us? Should we go out front and get a taxi? What about getting back; will the driver wait for us or will we have to find another ride?

    Any assistance you can offer is great.


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    The resort will happily get you a Taxi. Set the cost before you get in, even at the resort.

    You can go a little cheaper by going out and negotiating your own, but a little experience goes a long way in that venture. Only get into cabs with red license plates as they are licensed and insured to carry people.. Everything else is just a private vehicle.

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    When you make your reservation ask if they will send a cab and cover the cost. Most places will do that. You will still need to tip the driver. I have found that most drivers will ask if you'd like them to pick you up and take you back after dinner. Just tell them what time you'd like them to come and they will be there. You can also negotiate the price of the return trip when they drop you off. I have found most drivers to be very accomodating. Just make sure you get his name and/or licence number so you can find him when you are ready. A lot of the cars look the same - especially after a few drinks and a bottle of wine.

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