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    Are there CD players in the rooms at CTI? I don't want to bring them if I can't play em...

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    No CD players. They just have a connection for you IPOD

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    Beca, as I understand it, with the renovations, the CD players were switched out to iPod docking stations. However, I also heard someone say that you could request a CD player and one would be brought to the room....I'm gonna try it.. a couple CD's won't take up much room in my luggage, even if I don't use them. My iPod playlist doesn't have the music I like to hear in Jamaica.

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    Default CD Players

    Okay that sounds good. I'll bring some CD's just in case. Thank you for your info.

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    Beca, hope this info isn't too late for you....we are at CTI right now, and I did bring some special CD's -- well, the iPod dock in the room does NOT have a CD player....and, I did ask both the front desk and the entertainment staff and there are NO CD players available to use. Apparently, there used to be, but eventually they got broke or misplaced.

    Next year I'll be sure to download the music I want to play in the room to hubby's iPod.

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