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Thread: December 2009

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    Ok the countdown clock says 48 days to CTI! YAY! Christmas at CTI how awesome that will be..

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    36 Days and we will be home once again!

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    35 days till holiday, I’m going crazy –I want to pack my suit case but I won’t. Leah and Jan – I finished shopping today just a few things left to get.
    ( Janice Nov.4th HAPPY BIRTHDAY )
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    30 days!! YEAH!!!!! HURRY!!!

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    Default 12/9 - 12/13

    Scott and Missy
    12/9 - 12/13
    READY NOW!!!!

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    p.s. my dishwasher has been out since Tues, they can't come to fix it till next Monday......4 kids and LOTS of dishes..... I'm SOOOOO ready for a vacation!!

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    Down to 30 days and I am getting really excited! Dolly and John, Jen and Mike, Scott and Margie...can't wait to meet you all.

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    We now have 30 days!! Yippee! I love all the Christmas preparations so this year I am going to get my Christmas cards and send them out early. I always enjoy getting them and I'm sure they will, too. Shopping is finished and looking forward to seeing all of our friends (and meeting new ones) See you in paradise. Counting Counting Counting!!!!!!!!!!

    Jan & Charlie

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    30 Days Ya Mon, Pat we have to close the Piano Bar on your Birthday

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    Down to 24

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    23 days and counting.... Everything I read about CTI is all good. First time there and can't WAIT.

    Janice & Charlie

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    31 days and counting!! First timers. We are so excited!! We are scuba divers and are looking forward to getting in the water. We live in Tennessee and there is not much here for diving!
    Keith and Teresa

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    33 days and (not-so) patiently waiting.... start tanning tomorrow!

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    28 Days left cant wait started tanning yesterday!!! Cant wait to try this cream rum that everyone talks about.

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    Default Ready to start packing

    22 more days and we are so counting them down!!!
    No time for tanning, no time for planning, no time for time-just ready to go. At the rate I am going, we may be spending 24hrs a day on the Island for lack of clothes-my husband would die!
    Tammy & Curtis Mann

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    Mike & Julie
    (1st timers aka. n00bs)
    12/18 - 12/25

    30 days to go! I can no longer focus at work! >_<!!!

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    Dolly & John,
    Have you started to pack yet?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerand View Post
    28 Days left cant wait started tanning yesterday!!! Cant wait to try this cream rum that everyone talks about.
    Hehe... its Rum Cream, LOL

    but its all Irie...

    seeya there in 28 days

    -The Captain

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    HAHAHA rookies! "rum cream", "cream rum" after a few im sure neither of us will worry about what its called!!! From the sounds of it we will just call it "good". Thank you for the correction though. I can just see the bartender laughing at us the first time we would have asked for one by the wrong name.

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    Pat,I Haven't really put into suitcases yet but I have began laying clothes out in our spare bedroom. It's part of my pre-couples ritual. I have been also had my Jamacian CD's playing daily.and looking at our CSS pictures with a lust for Jamaica. How about You and Mike?

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    I've been thinking about what I am going to bring but we've had a lot going on including some surgery for Mike the day before yesterday. He is fine just sore and bruised. He returns to the surgeon on Dec. 4th and hopefully will get the okay to be as active as he wants at CTI. He hates being unable to do things and I have a hard time trying to keep him reigned in!
    I've always brought too much on previous trips so I plan to cut way back this time. I am definitely ready for a vacation!!

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    Well i am glad to hear Mike is doing well after his surgery and am praying he has a full and complete recovery so he will be able to enjoy his vacation. looking forward to meeting you both, we will have to set up a meeting place and time. Do the two of you go to the island?

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    Hi Dolly,
    Mike is healing nicely; thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
    No, we will not be going to the island; it is just not our thing. Where and when would you like to meet?

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    Default Finally

    Single digits...7 days 10 hours until we take off....should be at CTI in time for some lunch on the 1st..

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    Hi Pat,So glad to hear Mike is doing well and will be spending his vacation in the manner he wants to. I really am not into the an experience either, I just look much better in clothes LOL. John said it was something he wanted to try, a bucket list thing. I hear that the people are great and I like that, I'm a real people person and I'm sure they will be just as great when I see them fully clothed.LOL If it's okay with you how about meeting Tuesday at the lunch buffet around 12:30 that way we can make plans to get together for your birthday and even if Mike has his own plans we can still find at time to celebrate your special day. If another time or place would work better for you let me know.

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