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Thread: December 2009

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    Scott & Margie ~ I know what you mean. I'm really looking forward to it just being hubby and I for 2 weeks! We don't have small ones at home, but a 20 year old is enough to drive you nuts! Just hope the house can survive her while we are gone!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    First visit to Jamaica. 12/25-1/1

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    Looking forward to CTI in 104 Days!
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    Getting married November 29th then on the plane December 1st for our first time at CTI and Jamaica. From what I hear this is a wise choice. I can't wait and we are down to 102 days and counting! Hope there will be some people who can keep up with us! j/k. Looking foward to meeting some of you!

    Jason & Melanie
    Dec. 1st-15th
    New Jersey

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    Down to 99 days...

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    Very Nice you hit the under 100 mark! We are at 113 here! Can't wait to spend Christmas in Jamaica!

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    Default new years?

    coloradojuli, or anyone else for that matter...could you tell me about New Year's at Couples? We will be there over NYE on our honeymoon this year and would love to know what to expect!

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    Scott & Margie ~ We will see you there. We are there the 3-10. Will you be visiting the island?
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Yeah, the island seems like something we would regret not experiencing.

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    Hi! Ed & Margo here. Newbies to Couples & CTI. Can't wait! We haven't been away in 6yrs. We did the St. Lucia & Paradise Island thing with another resort and hope this change will be all that we expect it to be. We'll be staying the 3rd - 9th. Had to cut it short. I doubt we'll be on the island, but we'll surely be at the bar!! We've been reading the posts and they'vebeen fun and helpfull. Any advice from you folks would be appreciate!

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    We'll be going on our 2nd trip to CTI December 14-21! We were there the end of April, right after the renovation and can't wait to get back.

    Rhonda and Jim, Ellijay, GA

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    Scott & Margie ~ You won't regret going to the Island. AN folks are the nicest folks you will ever meet!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Okay December folks!

    Its time to take over.. Most of us are soon going to be less than 90.

    December rocks. You know it. I know it. Let's all get on board, 'cause its gonna be a great time!

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    Just hit the 99 day mark today! doing the the double digit dance, which can be humorous for those of you who have seen me dance in previous years! Can't wait to see all our old friends and all our new friends! Joy and Robert, Dec 13-20, live in Arlington, Tx, 2nd home CTI. C'mon December!

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    98 days cant wait!! Not even winter yet and already looking forward to getting away from the cold and the snow.

    Jeremy and andrea

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    My husband and I are going 12/28-1/4. I can't wait. First time to CTI. We got engaged at CSA last September after his last deployment.Can't wait to for more Jamaica time!!

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    Was at CTI in July, not impressed at all. Very small beach . We are use to going to Couples Negril....Very large beach and more of a party place. CTI was beautiful in its own way. Loved the Island and TOWER TIME>

    Just small compared to Couples Negril. Long ass bus ride

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    Default Message for TravelPatty

    TravelPatty, Please make sure we meet up this December at CTI you have been such a great help in my healing process and I want to be able to tell you face to face how much it has meant to both John and I just knowing you took time out of your life to extend kindness and encouragement to me .

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    Thank you so much; your message made my day! You have been in my thoughts and I pray you continue to heal both physically and emotionally.
    Mike and I look forward to meeting you at CTI. We are somewhat older than you but since age does not count at a Couples resort I don't think we will even notice! As time gets closer lets decide on a meeting place.

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    Looking forward to it ! Isn't it great that age is no problem at couples! There actually may be little difference in our ages I will be fifty next month and John is 56.

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    Default xmas


    Yeah, Island bliss and I are more like couples junkies waiting for Christmas... be there the 18-28...

    Looking forward to seeing some of santas elves on a donkey !

    -The Captain

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    We are returning to CTI for the 2nd time December 11-18th! Our last trip was in October of 2005? 2006? Right after the big hurricane. I was thrilled to find this MB today after being home all week with the flu and waking up Saturday with no voice, I am counting down the 82 days for a little fun. We look forward to meeting all of you who will be there during that time-some of you are from Texas too! We are right outside of Austin.
    Curtis & Tammy Mann

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    Well, we are very excited about heading to CTI in December
    My wife and I are SSB/CSS vets but we are branching out for a trip to Tower Island.
    We will be there 12/10 to 12/14
    Hope to meet all of you soon
    John and Heidi from KC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brownsfans View Post
    Looking forward to it ! Isn't it great that age is no problem at couples! There actually may be little difference in our ages I will be fifty next month and John is 56.
    LOL Glad to hear no age discrimination: 72 n 55!!!!

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    Default NY at CTI

    Quote Originally Posted by Coloradojuli View Post
    Valerie ~ If you have the option, I would change your departure date to January 1st. New Year's Eve is simply spectacular at Couples.
    Do TELL??? we are there 12/25-1/1

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