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    My husband is going to be celebrating a birthday while we're there. This is our first trip to a "Couple's Resort". Wanted to do something special for him. Will there be someone there who can help me set something up? Or any ideas?

    Thanks a bunch,

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    You can set up a private beach dinner in advance ( and specify that it is your husband' s birthday.) Also, I have seen it done, where a person has brought supplies from home , and had housekeeping decorate their verandah for the birthday ( not sure how they set it up ). If you are not doing the private beach dinner, try to arrange to have your meal at one of the reservation restaurants. If you tell them it is a special event, in advance, I have seen them recognize it. I have seen pictures of the papayas at CSA decorated for a person's birthday. Not sure how they did it, ( wife probably got up early in the morning , and snuck to beach to do it ). The picture was for a persons 40 or 50th birthday, and they had all this " over the hill" stuff on the Papaya. They also had signs up as who was celebrating their birthday. I know I saw the picture somewhere - anyone else seen the picture and know how to access it ( it was done very nice ).

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    For our 25th wedding anniversary we did the private dinner on the beach at CTI. I told one of the front desk staff that I had a "surprise" for my wife(anniversary ring). After dinner, I had them put a carat(ring) on a carrot. It came out on a plate with the words "will you marry me again" in chocolate(staff choice). The staff will work with you to make THAT DAY special.

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    Celebrated a few birthdays while at CSA in the last four years and Couples helped w. making it fun celebration! My husband coordinated it w. them after we arrived. Beautiful flowers, balloons, chocolate etc to the room; massage/spa during the day and dinner at Feathers. Really enjoyed it a lot. Heading back to CSA this Monday--can't wait!

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