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    Default Barefoot Sandals!

    Hi brides to be...
    I saw a thread about barefoot sandals being a great option for a beach wedding and thought they were AMAZING! After much deliberation I decided to try to DIY! Here is the final result! They were pretty easy and inexpensive to make, if you'd like the directions...let me know!
    Can't wait to walk down that sandy aisle wearing them! Hope wedding planning is going well for all of you!
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    Too cute! :O)

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    WOW! Beautiful job!!!! Would you be willing to make a couple that i could buy from you?? The ones i found online are so expensive! I wanted to buy one pair for me and for my 5 ladies in the bridal party but at around $25 a piece, thats way too much for me to spend. Let me know! Here's my email if you'd like to chat more.

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    I love it... too cute! However, I'm worried about stepping on something. I know it sounds great to go barefoot, but are you planning on having an extra sandle?

    I worry about this just in case I can't have my beach wedding because of the weather.

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    wow you did an amazing job. I just bought mine from and with shipping paid 45.00.

    I have back up sandals just incase

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    Nice work!!!! These are really pretty

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    I was looking for the barefoot sandals and like everyone else said they are very expensive. Yours are beautiful! Can you please send me the DIY website on how you made them and where you purchased the beads from? My email address is Thanks!

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    They look fantastic! I have a friend who was married in Hawaii, rather than buying my own, she offered hers to me as my 'something borrowed'

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    They're lovely! Would you mind sharing the instructions with me too please? pajama_mama1 AT yahoo DOT com

    Thanks bunches! And congrats on your wedding!

    Weddingmoon at CSA, May 16-20, 2011

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    They look fantastic, I would love the directions. Could you send them to karen DOT izon AT 53 DOT com


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    Default Directions to make!

    Hey guys! I'm sorry I've been crazy busy. Here are the directions.

    Tools needed:
    1. fishing line
    2. small beads also known as seed beads
    3. medium beads as accents
    4. 2 Large accent beads for center
    5. lobster clasp

    Step 1
    Cut your line to about 18 inches
    Thread your small beads onto the loop (you need enough to fit around your toe comfortably...I used 41)
    Once you get it to desired length close the loop with a medium bead.

    Step 2
    Start building your pattern going over BOTH strings
    (I did 3 small beads to every 1 medium bead)
    Build it to your desired length

    Step 3
    As it approaches where an anklet would begin add your large accent bead

    Step 4
    Split your strings and bead each side as an anklet (I continued with my original pattern) Close each end with one side of your clasp. (using knots)

    If you need any additional details let me know. I can not stop making's totally addictive.
    Ashley...I'll start making yours when I get back from Couples!

    Best of luck wedding planning!
    I'll post pictures of my homemade cake toppers when they get finshed this week!

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