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    Default can you get airport transfer if booking air/resort seperately?

    Just booked our first trip to couples...and cant wait!! Since we will be travelling next year, we were unable to book flights at same time as booking the resort stay. if we are flying out of philly, will we still be able to utilize the airport transfer that is included? if so, do we just call the resort to make them aware of flight info?? haven't travelled much, so any helpful tips would be great

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    The transfer is part of the resort package... just head to the Couples lounge after you go through immigration and customs and worry about nothing.

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    Yes. That's the way we have booked our trips and you do still get the shuttle service. And yes, you should contact Couples and provide them with your flight information. When they know your flight information, they will schedule a shuttle for you and any others arriving near the same time. Just find the Couples Lounge at the airport and they'll take it from there. It's a very simple and efficient process.
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    When you book the hotel part there is a place for you to put your flight info in, which we did, but if you do not know your flight info once you book that call couples and they will add it in there. Then its ALLLL taken care of, trust me its an awesome no worries experience.. 101 days to go.

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    thanks so much for the info!

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