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    Default booked sunset wedding - have questions!!

    Hi everyone! We are getting married in nov at CSS with the sunset wedding package. I'm having a difficult time getting answers to some questions and wondering if there are some experienced weddingmooners out there willing to help out!!

    The info we received states that the sunset package turns a short ceremony into a long evening. Does that mean we take our time after the ceremony having champagne, cake and taking pictures? Approx how long are they talking?

    With the 24 picture package, do they take several pictures and we choose the 24 that we want? Are you able to buy extra pics? What size are they? Do we own the copyright to the CD that we receive?

    Thanks to anyone that can shed some light for me. I'm hoping the extra money for the sunset wedding hour was worth it!!!

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    Have you tried e-mailing Debbie, the wedding planner? She is awesome! She always answers all my questions within 24 hours. :O)

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    There is a separate wedding forum. Scroll to the top of this site. The link is in between the meet-up-at-couples and photo contest icons. A ton of info to be found there.

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    Default Sunset Time

    We did the Sunset vow renewal at CN this past October. The long evening meanas that you can stay dressed - go have dinner and continue celebrating- rather than doing it in the morning - changing out of your clothes to go the pool/beach etc.

    The cake time and photos are still limited - for us she took tons of photos but we had to get moving so there was enough time to get them in and get the sunset photos - which were perfect!

    Yes we got to choose our favorite 24 photos and yes you can buy more if you want. I am not sure about the CD.

    We really enjoyed the sunset time - it was a perfect evening.

    Congratulations and Enjoy!


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    Thanks everyone for responding. Debbie did get in touch with me and answered ALL my questions...thanks Debbie!!! Now I can breathe until i think of something else to obsess over. LOL

    Tracy - thanks for the info. It's nice to hear that somebody actually had the sunset ceremony and loved it! Congrats and I can't wait!!

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    Default sunset wedding

    Had the sunset package at Swept Away. Perfect sunset. Pictures are amazing. The photographer took over 150 photographs. We have the CD of the photos we bought plus the album with the pictures we chose. We did the private dinner on the beach following the ceremony. Highly recommend the sunset package!

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    We got married at CSS 2 weeks ago, so if you have any other questions, ask away!

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    Oh Bentleys I have so many questions...not sure where to start!! Did you get married on the beach or the gazebo? What time? Did you use resort photographer? Did you have it videod? How long did you stay there? Did you feel that the wedding consumed all your time or did yall do any off resort excursions too? Besides amazing, how was the overall experience? If you would rather email me, please feel

    And congrats on your marriage!!!


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