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    Default Any beaches near by CTI you can visit?

    It appears CTI has a smaller and private beach. I was wondering if any one had taken a taxi or excursion to a nearby beach that might be longer, have snorkeling off the beach, or be more sandy, just for a change in pace?

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    I was at CTI for 8 nights in May 2010, yes, the beach is smaller, but it is beautiful, sandy as well. We did not yearn to look for anything larger, it was right outside, always waiting for us.

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    Between Montego Bay and Couples, there are a number of beaches that are completly barrrn. No people, There are also some where some of the Jamaicans frequent. We had a friend who took us to a few of them I don't remember any of the nplaces names, if indeed they had any. You can get a driver to show you some of the sights.
    There is one place called James Bond Beach, about 20 minutes down the road from Couples. Heading away from Montego Bay. It's a beautiful cove area. We went there a number of years ago and rented wave runners. It was a blast.

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    I don't know if there are public beaches near CTI. If you are wanting a large beach then I suggest CN or CSA. Even if there was a public beach near CTI, I wouldn't want to go where I had to pay for food and drink and deal with other people's children.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    There is a beach between CTI and CSS. I think its called Reggae Beach and you would have to pay. It looked nice from the distance, but don't know any details.

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    Well said Coloradojuli. You get waited on hand and foot, beautiful'll see when you arrive, you'll see.......

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