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    Default July 2011!

    Hello ladies! I am staying at CSA for the first time July 23-July 31. Im so excited and Im getting married July 26th at 4pm. What should I expect......anyone else going there during that time....

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    Sunkissedbride2b you might want to put this on the wedding link to get a response

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    My wife and I will be staying at CSA that week as well. We will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary with a vow renewal on July 28th. This will be our first trip to CSA and we are excited.

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    WOW !!!! We will be there 7/22/11 - 7/29/11 celebrating our 25th anniversary on JULY 26. This will be our first trip to Jamaica. Hope your marriage is as sucsessful as ours has been and maybe we will see you there.

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    Hi! We will be in Swept Away from July 5th to the 12th. We will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary on July 7th. We went to Swept Away for our honeymoon 20 years ago, went in 1996, 2001 we renewed our ten year anniversary on the beach at Swept Away, went back in 2004 and I think in 2006. We love Swept Away. It's our home away from home. Can't wait, counting the days, minutes and hours.
    Sharon in Milwaukee

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