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    Does anyone know if Rick's Cafe is walkable from CSA? A friend told me I should go there!

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    Nope...too far to walk.

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    Default Rick's Cafe

    Too far to walk. It's about 6-7 miles. Just take a's worth it at least once.

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    It's a long walk!!!

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    not really, too far

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    It's a few miles away. I do believe both CN and CSA can get you a shuttle. It was free when a used it a few years ago but I don't know if that is still the case. In any event, you would not want to walk it.

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    Couples sponsors the trip for $15 per person every day. It leaves at 4pm and returns after the sunset.
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    Even if you're into walking long distances... this is NOT a safe walk! Don't even think about it... its a narrow road from downtown Negril to Rick's.

    I don't know what the current off-campus trips entail, but last year, SweptAway arranged trips to the Sands, close to Rick's.

    Haven't been to Rick's since it was rebuilt after Ivan, but it looks great from the water.

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    Default Rick's

    We just went out to the road, found a cab, negotiated a price with the driver. He took us to the lighthouse tour, waited for us, took us to Rick's Cafe, and waited for us, and took us back to CN. He even stopped at the grocery store so we could buy jerk sauce. You can get a cab through the resort, but then the price is not negotiable. We did better on our own, but be sure to use a licensed cab for safety. We did this with another couple, so there were 4 of us.

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