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    Hi, we are visiting CTI in April and I am thinking about bringing my golf clubs with me can somebody help with some details.

    If I bring my own clubs do I store them in our room, or is there a storage area for clubs?

    If I hire clubs, what are they like, what make and what drivers are there?

    What is the cost of golf balls, tees etc?

    I will bring my own shoes so not to bothered about them.


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    Bring your own clubs, for the cost to bring them is far better than renting them plus you get to play with your own clubs. I think you can keep your clubs at the course. I didnt because i wastnt sure what days i was gonna play. By bringing your own clubs you can bring your own ball, tees and what ever else you may want.

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    We golfed a couple of trips ago. We brought shoes, balls and tees. The rental clubs were Calloway and were good quality.

    I didn't want to bring my own just because of the hassle.

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    If I were you I would bring my own sticks. I have rented clubs there and they leave much to be desired. They store your clubs for you and all you do is let them know when you will be playing. Best Regards,

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    I played golf in Negril 2 years ago because Couples offers it. Knew it would cost and took nothing with me. My free round ending up costing $115. I believe all the costs was something like this:

    Cart -18 holes $35
    Caddy 18
    6 used golf balls 6
    Bag of tees 2
    2 new logo balls for souvenir 4
    Rental clubs (Adams) 20 prices ranged from 10 to 40 Not in greatest of shape
    Caddy tip 20
    drink with tip at turn 10 me and caddy

    I also tipped the shuttle bus driver I think $10.

    I had a great time, enjoyed the course, did it once, will not do it again unless I play a different course.

    I knew it was going to cost so I was not surprised even though the green fees are free. If you are going to play everyday, take your own stuff but remember you still have to have to pay for a caddy. I on the other hand only wanted to say I played in Jamaica and I do not want golf to ruin my vacation, mon. :-)

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    Thanks for all the help, I think I will bring my clubs, they cost nothing to take on the plane and it is just a case of car to check in and then customs to bus. The thought of not having my G15 driver was my biggest concern.

    Thanks again.

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